Samsung’s next wearable will be a Gear S3, Gear Fit 2 hybrid

first_imgSamsung is now said to shift its focus on wearables from phones for sometime. The South Korean company has reportedly been working on a wearable device for quite some time, which will mainly be like a fitness tracker and not exactly a smartwatch, so this is for sure it’s not going to be the Gear S4. A lot has already revealed by the ‘unknown’ device after its FCC certification. Samsung has now revealed some more details about the upcoming wearable device.Looks like, the company is over enthusiastic about the upcoming device. As per Sammobile, Samsung has started sending out a survey to the members of its SmartLab Plus program. In the survey, the company is basically asking for opinions from the members on some ‘taglines’ that can be used to promote the new product.The survey doc read: “Samsung needs your opinion on some taglines that are being considered for when promoting the below product. By tagline we mean a phrase that becomes identified or associated with a product as a result of promotion or advertisement.”Later in the note, Samsung reveals some details about the device. The company writes, “The new product concept takes the best bits from Gear S3 and Gear Fit 2.” Further explaining about the new product, the company says, “The product is in the form of a smartwatch (rather than an active tracker) and offers maximum comfort with a smaller body and thinner watch straps.” It further highlights that the watch straps will be replaceable which will allow customers to personalize their watch as they see fit. This clearly indicates that the upcoming wearable by Samsung will be much like a fitness tracker, which the company said earlier.advertisementAlso Read: Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ now support Google Daydream VR”The product offers great peace of mind,” says Samsung. Furthermore, the device is said to be water resistant, and hence can “withstand water to the point where it is swim proof, allowing all forms of fitness tracking.” It is also going to offer all-round fitness for everyone starting from beginners to experts. The product will be focused around – activity tracking, weight or calorie management, active sports and coaching.Further, it will also feature a revised user interface for improved widgets which will also include options like – “progress towards your goals.” It will also include smart inactivity option. This feature is already available on the existing Samsung smart watches. The smart inactivity alerts the user when inactivity.  It gives reminders to active while on a flight, or even asks you to take a break while driving and so much more.”Whilst having a wide range of fitness features, the product is designed to be something you wear all day from work to gym,” says Samsung. With this it can be concluded that the upcoming wearable by Samsung – whatever the company may call it will be a fitness tracker cum smart watch. The company is basically trying to blur lines between fitness tracker and smart watch. Hence, it is still unclear if the new product will be added to the Gear S or Gear Fit lineup.last_img

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