A leading disabled activist has asked the head of

first_imgA leading disabled activist has asked the head of one of the country’s largest unions to take action over jobcentre staff who appear to enjoy handing out sanctions to benefit claimants.The exchange took place at a fringe meeting organised by the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union – which represents most jobcentre workers – at this week’s Labour conference in Brighton.Mark Serwotka, the union’s general secretary, was told by Paula Peters, from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC): “There is a lot of anger with a lot of claimants around some jobcentre workers who are quite enjoying sanctioning a little bit too much.”She said these claimants wanted to know what action the union was taking to try and reduce the rate at which claimants were being sanctioned – having their benefits stopped for a period of time as a punishment for refusing to meet strict work-related conditions – and whether PCS had considered a “name and shame policy to get this stopped”.Serwotka (pictured, second from left, at the fringe) said: “I am representing some of the lowest-paid workers in Britain, some of them have been physically attacked, some of them are blamed for what they have to do.“If you are a worker and you are earning under £20,000 delivering a pretty shitty system, there is a lot of pressure on you, with the worst management I think anywhere in the public sector – they have sacked people in DWP who have cancer – so this is an organisation where it takes an awful lot of guts to stand up.”But he agreed that some members “perhaps have been or do buy into the ideology of what they are doing”.He told the fringe meeting – also attended by Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary Debbie Abrahams – that he had visited jobcentres where it was clear from posters on the walls and “conversations people have to have with their management” that managers were trying to persuade staff that imposing sanctions was “the right thing to be doing”, in a bid to win their “hearts and minds”.Peters told Serwotka that DPAC had been blamed for intimidating PCS members who worked in jobcentres, but she said: “We don’t do that, we don’t believe in that.”And she asked him how they could bring the two factions together, following displays of anger between jobcentre staff and claimants.Serwotka appealed for “unity” between disabled activists, claimants and his members who worked in jobcentres.He said: “At the moment, our members are demoralised by the fact that they are judged by the amount of people they sanction and how many people they push through the system.”He said he knew that some jobcentre staff, as well as some people in wider society, had “fallen for the divide and rule stuff” on benefit claimants.But he said: “The best way to tackle that is for us to be as united as we can, which is why I hope we continue that.“I hope something comes of this meeting and we can take this forward.”Serwotka had earlier called for a social security system that was based on “dignity and respect” and “not one obsessing about free market economics and the private sector and conditionality”.He warned that the “political consensus” had “undermined” the welfare state over the last 30 years, and he claimed that the Tony Blair government had done as much as any to “split working people from benefit claimants”.He said the service offered to benefit claimants at jobcentres now was “a million miles away” from the one provided in 1980, when he was working for the old Department for Health and Social Security (DHSS).And he said he hoped for a debate that would lead to a social security system that staff could deliver “with some passion and pleasure”, as they had been able to when he worked for DHSS.last_img read more

Missing Mans Family Friends Ask for Publics Help

first_img Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% “He had his car keys – it makes no sense for him to leave his backpack outside of the car and disappear from there,” said Soto’s friend and former boss, Hugo Gonzalez, who owns Compupod, an electronics store at 2433 Mission St. Gonzalez said that previous to his job at Batteries Plus Bulbs, Soto was employed at Compupod for some five years, and the two have remained close friends.Gonzalez described Soto as “very responsible about work.”“If he was five minutes late, he would send me a text message,” said Gonzalez, who has been assisting the family in the search for the missing man. “He never missed a day of work.”Soto is currently enrolled at the City College of San Francisco Ocean Campus and spent the majority of the week in San Francisco, commuting between school and work. He previously held jobs at Sprint and Radioshack in the Mission. The family has posted flyers in the Civic Center area and in the Mission, where Soto still spent much of his free time.“We grew up here – a lot of people around here know him, he has his network here. This was his place to be in,” said Soto’s brother, adding that Soto “never had trouble with people.” Gonzalez said that he communicated with Soto through text messages last week, and that he seemed “fine,” adding that it is not like his friend to “just disappear.”  Soto has been diagnosed with asthma and is likely in need of his medication. He has also previously sought counseling for depression-related illnesses. “I don’t know where my brother is. It’s something that really hurts me,“ said Soto’s brother. “We are trying to piece it together but we can’t.”The family is asking that anyone who might have seen Soto contact them at 415-316-5991 or 415-827-7200. They can also call police at 911 or 415-575-4444. But Soto uncharacteristically did not return home, and his loved ones have been unable to reach him as of Tuesday.“He kept things to himself, but he would always tell our mom when he would go out and when he was coming back,” said Soto’s older brother, Jonathan Soto. “Saturday was our sister’s birthday – which I don’t think he would miss.”The family reported Soto missing at the Mission District police station on Sunday evening. A spokesperson for the station said that an investigator was assigned to the case on Tuesday.Hours before the Friday night concert, Soto had parked his car in an enclosed parking garage shared by an apartment complex and Batteries Plus Bulbs, a phone and electronics repair shop at 1450 Bush St. where Soto was most recently employed, according to his brother.Tom Schultz, who owns the shop, confirmed that Soto left his car in the garage after finishing his shift at 6 p.m. on Friday, and had asked a manager to borrow the garage’s remote with the intention of picking up up his car after the concert.After meeting up with his friend, the pair paid for an Uber car that shuttled them to the venue. According to Soto’s brother, the friend had told him that she and Soto had separated throughout the evening but reconnected after the concert concluded. Soto then accompanied his friend to her home around 1 a.m., just blocks away from Batteries Plus Bulbs, where they had drinks with a group of friends before parting ways an hour later.The friend reported that she did not hear from Soto after he left her home sometime around 2 a.m. on Saturday, according to his brother. The friend believed that Soto walked back to his car, and reported that he was carrying a backpack. Later that morning, a co-worker noticed Soto’s car still parked in the garage, and discovered his backpack “in front of the car.” The backpack’s contents – an ID card, credit cards, wallet, the car keys, and extra clothing – were strewn out on the ground. The car remained locked, and the only items that seemed to be missing were Soto’s cell phone and the garage remote, according to Soto’s brother.  “We thought that was odd,” said Schultz, who grew concerned when Soto did not show up for his scheduled shift on Saturday morning. “Cristian is always on time, never a no-show, always prompt and a great employee,” said Schultz, adding that police have not contacted him or any of his employees since Soto’s disappearance. “Even if [this was] some young person that doesn’t typically show up or has other problem in his life, we would be concerned, but that’s not him,” he said. “We are desperate for someone to come out here.”Schultz added that a neighboring building has a security camera that points towards the garage’s entrance, and that a camera located at a nearby construction site could also have captured footage of anyone entering or exiting the garage.Soto’s friends also expressed concern and confusion as to why his backpack was found abandoned next to his car. Update: Cristian Alan Soto’s disappearance was likely a suicide, according to his family.Family and friends of a 23-year-old man who has been missing since September 24 are asking for the public’s help in finding him.Cristian Alan Soto grew up in the Mission, but relocated to Concord with his mother and siblings less than a year ago. Soto is Mexican, with brown eyes and black hair, and described as 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 180 pounds. He was wearing black pants and a button up shirt with white flowers at the time of his disappearance. Soto was reportedly last seen downtown, in the area of Bush Street and Van Ness Avenue, after leaving a friend’s home in the early morning hours on Saturday. The two had attended a concert by Australian record producer Flume on Friday night at the Bill Graham Auditorium at Civic Center. 0%last_img read more

DJ Lamont — and his 14500 records — come to SFs Mission

first_img Email Address It was a rainy morning at 20th and San Carlos, and Lamont Bransford-Young was combing his 12-inch single collection for a Sylvia Striplin album — the one record from which his entire collection of 14,500 has grown.“I’ve had that record since I was 14,” he said. He wasn’t able to locate it (he had just reorganized the sprawling collection) but that didn’t seem to matter: “It’s interesting organizing these because I just had a lot of nostalgia.” The reorganization was not born out of whimsy or boredom or an investigation into a troubled love life, but something far more practical. Only a month earlier, Bransford-Young schlepped the collection into the workspace because, for the first time ever, he’s had a workspace of his own. Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newslettercenter_img While Bransford-Young has done DJ lessons out of his Mission District home for the last 15 years, the enterprise is now in plain view for anyone to walk in, inquire, and sign up. Already, he said, that is happening. “They walk by and see something for themselves,” he said. And for him, the act of moving his enterprise — and lifelong record collection — into plain view on at 20th and San Carlos is a new frontier for the career radio and club DJ. “It was a big emotional step to free it and put it in this environment where it’s vulnerable in a way,” he said of the record collection, though he really could have been talking about his business venture, or life writ large, “because now it’s not under my full control.”  To many listeners of the community radio station 89.5 KPOO, he’s DJ Lamont — a disco and house-music aficionado whose on-air segues are heartfelt and philosophical. In person, he’s very much the same, speaking with the deep, warm timbre of someone who’s heard his voice filter through the airwaves for much of his life. That in itself did not come easy. Bransford-Young was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, in December 1964. The first time he ever heard his voice recorded was in the 3rd grade. He had a speech disorder, and his speech pathologist would record his voice so he could hear his mistakes. “I was just so fascinated to hear my voice,” he said. Bransford-Young was also fascinated by the voices of others. He was a natural loner whose best and most consistent companion was the radio, particularly the New York-based WBLS radio — the flagship of the first full-service radio network aimed at African Americans. Much of the time, the music was disco. “I would sleep while the radio was on, and I would hear music in the middle of the night and wake up and just listen to be inspired by it,” he said, “or dance to it.”  <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>Despite these hints at his destiny, Bransford-Young’s learning disability — a struggle with reading — deterred him: He auditioned to become a student at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, and while reading the script, “I basically just fell to pieces.” But he stayed the course, cutting his teeth at Central Connecticut State University’s college radio station and eventually landing a full-time gig at a station specializing jazz, and shortly after, its sister station that played country music. He paid the bills by working in the station’s continuity department (radio speak for advertising), and received a first-class education in what Bransford-Young described as the “art of radio.” He moved into the Mission in 1997, and has remained here ever since. “I’m happy here,” he said, explaining that he never wants to leave. Bransford-Young’s DJ academy smells fresh and newly painted. Remnants of the underground scavenging hub Junko’s, which vacated two years ago, have been erased by time and renovations, and have been replaced by a row of turntables, controllers, and CTJs. One of the turntables is set up in front of a large window facing 20th Street.On this table on a recent Tuesday, the tall man with thin dreadlocks flipped on a single by Agent K, a pioneer of “broken beat”-style house music and let the beat pulse through the room. “It’s one of my favorite songs here,” he said, moving to the music. He then took out another record, “Walk” by Amaria. He turned dials and moved faders, resulting in a sonic alchemy that produced the driving, textured sound made to coax body and soul into motion. “The idea is to engage with the track,” he said.“A lot of my students walk in bringing their day with them,” he said. “And, after they’re done, they say their heads are spinning, just like the music.”  DJing may appear to be an expensive undertaking — Bransford-Young said that professional tables and controllers can cost up to $2,500 — but, like anything else, he said, beginners need only a small investment to do a lot. He held up a smaller “starting unit,” a $250 piece of equipment he recommended for any budding club DJ. Bransford-Young talked about the responsibility he felt toward his students. They could be out getting into trouble, he said. “But the fact that they’re getting this, this is creating an opportunity.” He embraced the controller unit tighter and held it to his chest and reiterated: “This is opportunity.”Bransford-Young teaches a lesson with Markinson Johnson. Photo by Julian Mark. last_img read more

ACTING Head Coach Mike Rush is playing a waiting g

first_imgACTING Head Coach Mike Rush is playing a waiting game as he awaits medical reports on four players injured over the Easter Weekend.Jon Wilkin (shoulder) came off the field on Good Friday whilst Tony Puletua (shoulder), Ade Gardner (knee) and Gary Wheeler (hamstring) didn’t finish the clash at Castleford yesterday.“TP has a scan yesterday on his shoulder and it looks serious,” he admitted. “With Ade’s knee it could be a whole host of things minor to major. We can’t tell until the swelling goes down.“Gary felt his hamstring in the game and again we won’t know until it is scanned. I feel for Wheels, he doesn’t seem to be able to get a run of games. On Monday, he single-handily created the first try and every time we made a break he was there. Hopefully, it isn’t too serious and he gets that run of games.“With Jon Wilkin, we are again waiting for results. It’s a fine line between asking players to strap up and doing long term damage. He is as brave as we have got – but we have to try and manage what is best for the long term and the player.“On the plus side though, Jonny’s finger is fine so he should be in line to return this week.”The injuries leave Rush with several choices to make ahead of this weekend’s Challenge Cup Fourth Round tie at Widnes – especially on the wing:“Tommy Makinson, Adam Swift and Jamie Foster all are in with a shout for that wing spot. A lot depends on who is playing well and fitness too. Adam has been in the 19 for the last two weeks and is benefitting from that experience. He won’t be far away on getting a shout at some point.“Since Josh Jones has come in, he’s done really well. We need to keep his feet on the floor and he needs to continue to do what he is doing. He was a powerful centre with genuine pace too. At Castleford, every time he carried the ball he looked like winning the battle on the floor.”He continued: “It wasn’t difficult to lift the lads after the Good Friday defeat because they knew they had to give one more massive effort. It’s hard when you go to Cas and have prepared to face the likes of Rangi Chase and Danny Orr. We prepared for them and perhaps it is tougher mentally when you aren’t facing that. I felt in the first 20 minutes we needed to get some points on the board and it could have been different.“But this happens over the Easter weekend. I think the RFL do have to have a look at playing Friday and Monday. Maybe you could have all the local derbies spread across the weekend on the TV? We played an intense game against Wigan and then had to dust off and ask 110kg blokes to smash into each other once again. I’m not sure that is right.“But, we built character in those final stages at Castleford and come the later rounds of Super League, the Cup or the Playoffs, we can reflect on those moments.”This Saturday’s Fourth Round match at Widnes will be Saints first taste of the Cup comp this season and the infamous iPitch.“I think all the furore over the surface has gone now and we’re looking forward to the match,” Rush said. “It will be a very tough game and we are preparing to take on the team that beat Wigan recently. The Challenge Cup is massive for us. Every overseas player comes here with the dream of doing it and it’s the same for the local boys too.”last_img read more

SAINTS have once again teamed up with its Official

first_imgSAINTS have once again teamed up with its Official Travel Partner and sponsor of the Sponsors’ Lounge at Langtree Park, Hatton’s Travel and CFW Tailor Made Travel to offer two trips to Catalan next season.Keiron Cunningham’s side will face the Dragons on Saturday May 9, 2015.Hatton’s Travel’s Tour:May 6 – 12 2015Half Board Overnight Accommodation Outbound & ReturnAt Novotel Dijon Sud / Marsannay La Cote4 Nights All Inclusive & Santa Susanna Resort, SpainCrossing by Eurotunnel Folkestone – CalaisTickets NOT Included for the Game £499.00 pp based on 2 sharingYou can find out more information and book on this trips by contacting Hatton’s on 01744 811818 or by logging on to www.hattonstravel.co.ukCFW Tailor Made Travel & Catalan Sport Tours:Depart Liverpool Airport Thursday May 7Return Liverpool Airport Sunday May 10 or Tuesday May 12 3 or 5 Nights including breakfast at Fenals Garden Hotel in Lloret de Mar or Tahiti Playa Hotel in Santa SusanaAll airport & match transfersMatch tickets£399 per person (3 night package) – Based on twin share£449 per person (5 night package) – Based on twin shareSingle supplement if required is £15 per nightDeposit required at time of booking is £200 per personBalance is due eight weeks prior to departureCall now on 01925 589008 to reserve your place.last_img read more

Gov Cooper announces 19M in grants

first_img Seatox Research, Inc. of Wilmington got just under $60,000 to develop a sensor for the detection of paralytic shellfish toxins acquired through human consumption. This project is sponsored by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. Gov. Roy Cooper gives his first State of the State address as a newly elected Governor. (Photo: CBS) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — 32 small technology-oriented companies across the state including one in Wilmington will share nearly $2 million to help them grow and provide good jobs, Governor Cooper announced Monday.These are the latest round of grants from the state’s One North Carolina Small Business Program.- Advertisement – last_img

CAPE FEAR HISTORY MYSTERIES Does Jack the Ripper haunt Wilmingtons Cotton Exchange

first_img In our first episode, we visit a familiar spot in downtown Wilmington that some say is home to some folks who left us long ago. There are various ghosts reportedly roaming the halls and shops that now fill the Cotton Exchange. But one of them may be linked to some of the most famous unsolved crimes in the history of the world.Does the mystery of “Jack the Ripper” stretch across the sea from England to the spot where merchants once traded their wares? Some say yes.Check out the video above to learn more about the story and Wilmington’s link.Related Article: Dad detains naked accused child molester at gunpoint at parkThen visit WWAYTV3.com/history-mysteries each Thursday for another installment of “Cape Fear History & Mysteries.” WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The history of southeastern North Carolina is rich. We have everything from treasured landmarks and historic events to legendary tales and straight-up ghost stories.All of it is what we will explore in our new web series “Cape Fear History & Mysteries.” Each Thursday evening we’ll release a new episode.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Rep Rouzer hosting opioid symposium in Wilmington

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A symposium aimed to share the best ways to address opioids when it comes to stigma, treatment, prevention and law enforcement is being held in Wilmington at the end of the month.“The Opioid Symposium will also serve as a resource for those who are either struggling or have a loved one struggling with addiction to learn where they can go for treatment and recovery in all nine counties across the 7th District,” said Rep. David Rouzer, who is hosting the symposium.- Advertisement – The objective of the symposium, Rouzer said, is to gather the best and brightest across the state who have been working on the issue, to spark a dialogue across the district that lays out the best practices to address the issues.The 7th District Opioid Symposium will be held on July 30 at the Coastline Conference and Event Center at 501 Nutt Street. It runs from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.For those who live in the northern part of the district and can’t attend, there will be a simulcast at the Maxwell Regional Agriculture and Convention Center at 3114 Wayne Memorial Drive in Goldsboro.Related Article: Jury tells pork giant to pay $473.5M in nuisance lawsuitIf you want to attend, RSVP here.last_img read more

Doctor hosts event to help womens health

first_imgDr. Felice Carlton, Founder of A Renewed You Women’s Retreat stopped by the WWAY studios to discuss her upcoming seminar. Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies is a seminar for ladies that are looking to take their lives to the next level. Carlton says, “On the outside many ladies look like the image of success but secretly are struggling with stress, weight gain, anxiety, depression and health challenges. Women take care of everyone else but no one is taking care of them.” The event provides a safe environment for ladies to be rejuvenated, to develop a rock solid mindset and leave with a plan of how they could achieve their goals. Carlton is hosting Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies in Wilmington at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church 3701 Princess Place Dr from 9am-1pm, registration is free and begins at 8:30.last_img read more

Watch Car crash at Birżebbuġa 2 severely injured

first_img SharePrint Two persons, suffering from serious injuries after a car accident in Birżebbuġa,were admitted to. The condition of the third person has not yet been confirmed.A spokesperson for the Police told Newsbook.com.mt that the accident occurred at around 9:00am, at Triq Għar Dalam, Birżebbuġa.One of the vehicles was being driven by a 21 year old male from Kalkara. The other car was being driven by an 80 year old man, who was accompanied by a female, 72. The latter two are both suffering severe injuries. They are both residents of Birżebbuġa.Footage sent to Newsbook.com.mt shows that due to the crash, one of the cars ended up crashing into a wall.WhatsApp <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

Ryanair announces new route to Trieste from Malta

first_img <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrint Ryanair has announced a new route from Malta to Trieste in Italy as part of its Winter schedule.The low-cost airline says that the flights will take place twice a week from October 2019.This is understood to be one 60 routes which will also include flights to Rome (Fiumicino), Lamezia and Perugia.To celebrate this new destination to Malta, Ryanair announced a seat sale this week with tickets starting at € 33.99 for flights between 27th October until the end of January 2020.Flights to other locations can also be booked by the end of March 2020.WhatsApplast_img read more

New UNbacked opensource tool to help prevent and respond to crises

first_imgAdvertisement The United Nations Food and Agriculture Programme (FAO) has announced a coalition of partner agencies to develop a new data crunching tool to help national governments, development and relief organizations in their efforts to prevent and respond to crises such as animal diseases, plant pests and even conflict.The partnership, among some 15 entities, has launched the Index for Risk Management (InfoRM), which sheds new light on what drives crises and what communities need in order to face them.InfoRM was designed to help identify where and why crises are likely to occur in places where people are dependent on agriculture, forestry and fisheries. – Advertisement – The index builds up a picture of risk by bringing together some 50 different indicators measuring three dimensions of risk: hazards and exposure of people, vulnerability of communities to those hazards, and their capacity to cope with them.This data is synthesized into a consolidated, simple risk profile for each country, which includes natural and human hazards, vulnerability and lack of coping capacity. Currently, InfoRM covers 191 countries.“Having such a multi-hazard risk assessment tool available is key to help us improve the way we understand risk in different countries, and to strengthen FAO’s efforts to build resilience where it is needed the most,” according to Dominique Burgeon, Coordinator of FAO’s resilience work. “It will help us support the resilience of communities and food systems to withstand challenges, before they arise.”The information crunched by InfoRM comes from a variety of international organizations and academic institutes.FAO itself feeds the system data on average dietary supply adequacy, prevalence of undernourishment, domestic food price level and volatility as well as information on drought risk using its remote-sensing based Agricultural Stress Index (ASI).InfoRM is a collaboration of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Task Team for Preparedness and Resilience and the European Commission. It was officially launched on 19 November in Geneva.Source: UNlast_img read more

Facebook rolls out live streaming capabilities to verified Pages

first_imgFacebook Inc yesterday it rolled out the facebook-live feature to all users and now, it’s available to verified Pages as well. Image Credit: tctechcrunch2011 Advertisement Facebook is betting big on live streaming. The social network first introduced a pilot program that allowed celebrities to broadcast video in real-time back in August; yesterday it rolled out the feature to all users and now, it’s available to verified Pages as well.The feature is available on Facebook’s iOS app and the company says it’s useful for making announcements, sharing breaking news and running live Q&A sessions.To use it, navigate to your verified Page on the iOS app, tap Publish and then select Live Video. You can add a description of what your stream will be about before you begin broadcasting. – Advertisement – When you’re live, you’ll be able to see the number of viewers, the names of other verified people or Pages who are tuning in, as well as a real-time stream of comments.[related-posts]Once you’re done streaming, Facebook will publish your broadcast to your page so your followers can view it at a later time. The live stream will also display a ‘subscribe’ button to viewers, which they can tap to receive a notification the next time you’re on the air.With today’s announcement, Facebook is taking the live streaming fight to Twitter, which has its own broadcasting app, Periscope. Expanding support for the feature to Pages means that brands will be able to show off their new products and events to fans in a whole new way on the social network.[The Next Web]last_img read more


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ADAM KIRBY Royal Ascot Tuesday

first_imgDelighted to have joined team Star Sports as a brand ambassador for the flat season and look forward to bringing you my thoughts and news each week on my blog and having the chance to meet some of you in person at Star events during the season.I’m on a two day enforced break before Royal Ascot but it gives me chance to prepare for the massive week ahead. I’m particularly looking forward to the ride on Harry Angel in Saturday’s Diamond Jubilee Stakes and fingers crossed he can go one better than last year when he gave me a great ride when just touched off by Caravaggio in the Commonwealth Cup.I ride a nice filly Shades Of Blue for Clive Cox in Wednesday’s opening Queen Mary Stakes. She quickened nicely clear for me on debut over course and distance last month and can hopefully run a big race now up in grade.Ahead of that though, four rides on the opening day.TUESDAYROYAL ASCOTZONDERLAND (2.30pm Queen Anne Stakes)Although well beaten in his comeback race in the Lockinge at Newbury, I think he should come on a lot for that run and can’t be discounted. He’s a lovely horse who works well in the morning and trainer Clive Cox is pleased with his progress. This is obviously a top drawer race but if we see that likely improvement from Newbury then I’d be hopeful of being a bit of a surprise package.  Rhododendron (who won the Lockinge) will be again be a tough nut to crack but I think the biggest danger could be Benbatl who returns from a fantastic season out at Meydan and he won the Hampton Court Stakes at this meeting 12 months ago.GETCHAGETCHAGETCHA (3.05pm Coventry Stakes)He made a nice winning debut here last month over five furlongs when you could have thrown a blanket over the four finishers at the line and fortunately we just came out on top. The form took a little boost when fourth placed The Irish Rover (runs again here) won next time out at Newbury. However, it’s a big step up in class for him and different ground too – it was soft in places last time. He also steps up to the six furlong trip which hopefully will suit given the way he finished off in his first race. He remains a nice prospect, not just for tomorrow but the future. The Coventry is a race that can make or break horses at such an early stage of their careers and this year’s race looks as competitive as ever.  Calyx stormed home over this trip on debut winning by five lengths with another six lengths back to the third and obviously still could be anything!KLOUD GATE (5.00pm Ascot Stakes)I ride him for the first time and he’s also having his first ever flat race in the UK ! He joined Gary Moore from France where he won five times on the flat. He has started his career over here over hurdles, running his best race when third at Kempton. Stamina shouldn’t be an issue and connections are hopeful of a big run if coping with the quicker ground. Willie Mullins has a great recent record in the race so no surprise to see him well represented with five runners.AUTOCRATIC (5.35pm Wolferton Stakes)Another horse I’m onboard for the first time and I’m hopeful of a good ride on the Sir Michael Stoute trained runner. Some of his best form has come on quick ground and with the sun shining at the time of writing, and more forecast, I think it’s going to ride very fast at Ascot. Autocratic won the Group 3 Brigadier Gerard Stakes at Sandown Park last season on good to firm ground and if in that kind of form again should run a big race in this Listed event.Best Of LuckADAM YOUR SAYIf you have a question for Adam drop us a line at content@www.starsportsbet.co.uk and we’ll try and include in the next blog…last_img read more

STAR PREVIEW Liverpool v Leicester

first_imgThe race is on for the Premier League title and Liverpool’s encounter with Leicester could provide plenty of entertainment for neutrals tonight.Man City’s shock defeat at St James’ Park last night means Jurgen Klopp’s men have the chance to extend their advantage to seven points – although no slip ups can be afforded and they will not be taking Leicester lightly. However, this isn’t a terrible time to face the Foxes, with Claude Puel under the pump.A third successive loss at Wolves came right on the back of defeats to 10-man Southampton and an FA Cup exit to League Two Newport which has seen some fans turn on Puel, although there are no strong rumours about him leaving just yet.His side can still pack a punch, as they showed against Wolves when they went down in injury time to a Diogo Jota hat-trick in a 4-3 thriller. They were 2-0 down early on before an impressive fightback in the shape of a Demarai Gray strike and a Conor Coady own goal, before Wes Morgan looked to have stolen a point for them before Jota’s injury time winner.Remarkably on the same weekend, Liverpool were also involved in their own thriller, as their 4-3 win over Crystal Palace at Anfield kept their title charge on the road whilst also providing a throwback to the helter-skelter football that neutrals were treated to last season.Klopp’s men had to work hard to get back in front after going down to Andros Townsend’s early goal, and again when James Tomkins levelled the score with over an hour on the clock, but two goals from Mohamed Salah along with strikes from Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane got them over the line.It will be interesting to see how they cope with the absence of James Milner – who was red carded against Palace – and this could prove to be tricky for Klopp’s men. Leicester did manage to beat Manchester City over Christmas along with Chelsea, and they have the right game-plan and firepower to frustrate bigger teams.Liverpool v Leicester CityPremier League20:00 BT Sport 1 / BT Sport 4K UHDHEAD TO HEAD RECORD(Maximum 10 matches)SEP 2018 PREMIER LEAGUE Leicester 1-2 LiverpoolDEC 2017 PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool 2-1 LeicesterSEP 2016 PREMIER LEAGUE Leicester 2-3 LiverpoolSEP 2017 EFL CUP Leicester 2-0 LiverpoolFEB 2017 PREMIER LEAGUE Leicester 3-1 LiverpoolSEP 2016 PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool 4-1 LeicesterFEB 2016 PREMIER LEAGUE Leicester 2-0 LiverpoolDEC 2015 PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool 1-0 LeicesterJAN 2015 PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool 2-2 LeicesterDEC 2014 PREMIER LEAGUE Leicester 1-3 LiverpoolJamie Vardy is always likely to be a threat on the break and with Demarai Gray and James Maddison they’ve got two plays capable of making something out of any chances they might get. Liverpool are a better balanced defensive side this season but they have not let up going forward, and this could see action at both ends.RECOMMENDED BETS (scale of 1-100 points)BACK OVER 3.5 GOALS 5 points at 5/4 with starsports.betPROFIT/LOSS SINCE JAN 1 2017: PROFIT 205.64 points(excluding Premier League ante-post)last_img read more

New way to beat the heat in electronics

first_img From left, postdoctoral researcher Anand Puthirath, academic visitor Fanshu Yuan and research scientist M.M. Rahman show the high-temperature flexible dielectric material invented at Rice University. The three are among authors of a paper in Advanced Functional Materials that details the work. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) https://news-network.rice.edu/news/files/2019/05/0520_DIELECTRIC-2-web-4.jpgFrom left, postdoctoral researcher Anand Puthirath, academic visitor Fanshu Yuan and research scientist M.M. Rahman show the high-temperature flexible dielectric material invented at Rice University. The three are among authors of a paper in Advanced Functional Materials that details the work. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University)Related materials:Ajayan Research Group: https://ajayan.rice.eduRice Materials Science and NanoEngineering: https://msne.rice.eduBrown School of Engineering: https://engineering.rice.eduLocated on a 300-acre forested campus in Houston, Rice University is consistently ranked among the nation’s top 20 universities by U.S. News & World Report. Rice has highly respected schools of Architecture, Business, Continuing Studies, Engineering, Humanities, Music, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and is home to the Baker Institute for Public Policy. With 3,962 undergraduates and 3,027 graduate students, Rice’s undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio is just under 6-to-1. Its residential college system builds close-knit communities and lifelong friendships, just one reason why Rice is ranked No. 1 for lots of race/class interaction and No. 2 for quality of life by the Princeton Review. Rice is also rated as a best value among private universities by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. From left, postdoctoral researcher Anand Puthirath, academic visitor Fanshu Yuan and research scientist M.M. Rahman show the high-temperature flexible dielectric material invented at Rice University. The three are among authors of a paper in Advanced Functional Materials that details the work. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) Return to article. Long Description FacebookTwitterPrintEmailAddThis Return to article. Long DescriptionRice research scientist M.M. Rahman holds a flexible dielectric made of a polymer nanofiber layer and boron nitride. The new material stands up to high temperatures and could be ideal for flexible electronics, energy storage and electric devices where heat is a factor. Photo by Jeff FitlowThe nanocomposite combines one-dimensional polymer nanofibers and two-dimensional boron nitride nanosheets. The nanofibers reinforce the self-assembling material while the “white graphene” nanosheets provide a thermally conductive network that allows it to withstand the heat that breaks down common dielectrics, the polarized insulators in batteries and other devices that separate positive and negative electrodes.The discovery by the lab of Rice materials scientist Pulickel Ajayan is detailed in Advanced Functional Materials.Research scientist M.M. Rahman and postdoctoral researcher Anand Puthirath of the Ajayan lab led the study to meet the challenge posed by next-generation electronics: Dielectrics must be thin, tough, flexible and able to withstand harsh environments.“Ceramic is a very good dielectric, but it is mechanically brittle,” Rahman said of the common material. “On the other hand, polymer is a good dielectric with good mechanical properties, but its thermal tolerance is very low.”Boron nitride is an electrical insulator, but happily disperses heat, he said. “When we combined the polymer nanofiber with boron nitride, we got a material that’s mechanically exceptional, and thermally and chemically very stable,” Rahman said.A lab video shows how quickly heat disperses from a composite of a polymer nanoscale fiber layer and boron nitride nanosheets. When exposed to light, both materials heat up, but the plain polymer nanofiber layer on the left retains the heat far longer than the composite at right. Courtesy of the Ajayan Research GroupThe 12-to-15-micron-thick material acts as an effective heat sink up to 250 degrees Celsius (482 degrees Fahrenheit), according to the researchers. Tests showed the polymer nanofibers-boron nitride combination dispersed heat four times better than the polymer alone.In its simplest form, a single layer of polyaramid nanofibers binds via van der Waals forces to a sprinkling of boron nitride flakes, 10% by weight of the final product. The flakes are just dense enough to form a heat-dissipating network that still allows the composite to retain its flexibility, and even foldability, while maintaining its robustness. Layering polyaramid and boron nitride can make the material thicker while still retaining flexibility, according to the researchers.“The 1D polyaramid nanofiber has many interesting properties except thermal conductivity,” Rahman said. “And boron nitride is a very interesting 2D material right now. They both have different independent properties, but when they are together, they make something very unique.”Rahman said the material is scalable and should be easy to incorporate into manufacturing. Rice University research scientist M.M. Rahman holds a flexible dielectric made of a polymer nanofiber layer and boron nitride. The new material stands up to high temperatures and could be ideal for flexible electronics, energy storage and electric devices where heat is a factor. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) ShareNEWS RELEASEEditor’s note: Links to video and high-resolution images for download appear at the end of this release.David Ruth713-348-6327david@rice.eduMike Williams713-348-6728mikewilliams@rice.eduNew way to beat the heat in electronicsRice University lab’s flexible insulator offers high strength and superior thermal conduction HOUSTON – (May 16, 2019) – A nanocomposite invented at Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering promises to be a superior high-temperature dielectric material for flexible electronics, energy storage and electric devices. Rice University research scientist M.M. Rahman holds a flexible dielectric made of a polymer nanofiber layer and boron nitride. The new material stands up to high temperatures and could be ideal for flexible electronics, energy storage and electric devices where heat is a factor. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) Return to article. Long Description https://youtu.be/H3Wnm0zmv5oA lab video shows how quickly heat disperses from a composite of a polymer nanoscale fiber layer and boron nitride nanosheets. When exposed to light, both materials heat up, but the plain polymer nanofiber layer on the left retains the heat far longer than the composite at right. (Credit: Ajayan Research Group/Rice University)Images for download: Return to article. Long DescriptionFrom left, postdoctoral researcher Anand Puthirath, academic visitor Fanshu Yuan and research scientist M.M. Rahman show the high-temperature flexible dielectric material invented at Rice University. The three are among authors of a paper in Advanced Functional Materials that details the work. Photo by Jeff FitlowCo-authors of the paper are Rice academic visitors Aparna Adumbumkulath and Fanshu Yuan, alumnus Thierry Tsafack, graduate students Morgan Barnes, Zixing Wang, Sandhya Susarla, Seyed Mohammad Sajadi, Devashish Salpekar and Hossein Robatjazi, research scientist Ganguli Babu and Rafael Verduzco, an associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and of materials science and nanoengineering; Sampath Kommandur and Shannon Yee of the Georgia Institute of Technology; and Kazuki Nomoto, S.M. Islam and Huili Xing of Cornell University. Ajayan is chair of Rice’s Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering, the Benjamin M. and Mary Greenwood Anderson Professor in Engineering and a professor of chemistry.The Army Research Laboratory funded the research.-30-Read the abstract at https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/adfm.201900056.Follow Rice News and Media Relations via Twitter @RiceUNews.Video: https://news-network.rice.edu/news/files/2019/05/0520_DIELECTRIC-1-web.jpgRice University research scientist M.M. Rahman holds a flexible dielectric made of a polymer nanofiber layer and boron nitride. The new material stands up to high temperatures and could be ideal for flexible electronics, energy storage and electric devices where heat is a factor. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University)last_img read more

USC Marshall Research Finds Creative Criminals May Not Be Punished

first_img Last Updated Jul 11, 2017 by Jillian MarkowitzFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail regions: Los Angeles USC Marshall Research Finds Creative Criminals May Not Be Punished RelatedJudge Business School Research Shows How Shame Can Promote ProductivityShame, according to the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, is a “soul-eating emotion” – and because some mistakes at work are inevitable, such soul-destroying shame is a common workplace occurrence. Yet newly-published research co-authored by Andreas Richter, University Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School, concludes that managers…January 23, 2015In “Featured Home”USC Marshall Welcomes 9 New FacultyFor the 2018-19 year, the USC Marshall School of Business welcomes nine new faculty members to campus. They join a growing list of over 50 who’ve taken jobs at USC Marshall over the past two years and include lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, visiting professors, adjunct instructors, and more. When speaking about…September 25, 2018In “Featured Home”The Case for Business Curiosity from Harvard, and More – Boston NewsLet’s explore some of the most interesting stories that have emerged from Boston business schools this week. The Business Case for Curiosity – Harvard Business Review Harvard Business School Professor of Business Administration and Behavioral Scientist Francesca Gino recently published an article in the Harvard Business Review in which she…August 27, 2018In “Boston”center_img About the AuthorJillian MarkowitzView more posts by Jillian Markowitz Research from the USC Marshall School of Business may give new insight into the nuances of how people make moral judgments. The research from Scott Wiltermuth, Associate Professor of Management and Organization found that people are more likely to receive leniency if they break the rules in an original and clever way. Researchers believe that more lenient moral judgments and punishments are prompted by a respect for ingenuity.In Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Wiltermuth writes, “People view creativity as a positive, valuable trait … This perception provides creative cheaters with a halo that simultaneously makes their transferssions more palatable and more socially contagious—particularly when the transgressions appear to cause relatively little harm.” Wiltermuth also published a paper with Francesca Gino and Lynne Vincent entitled, “Creativity in Unethical Behavior Attenuates Condemnation and Breeds Social Contagion When Transgressions Seem to Create Little Harm.”One of the studies involved students who were working in groups witnessing someone in the group cheating. An actor was paid in certain groups to cheat in a creative way and to suggest that others follow suit. In other groups, the actors cheated in conventional ways. The study also included control groups in which no one cheated. This study was conducted over multiple years, and showed that those in the groups with the person who cheated in an original way were more likely to cheat in that way themselves.Wiltermuth suggested these findings could be important in situations like trials. Juries may be more likely to make an unbiased decision regarding guilt once they understand that they may be swayed toward leniency by a criminal’s creativity.Wiltermuth and Gino, a Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard University, explained that, “Because transgressions are learned, understanding the factors that shape people’s moral judgments of others’ transgressions might also be useful in predicting which type of misdeeds are likely to become socially contagious.”last_img read more