Ambrosia beetle watch

first_imgBy Stephanie SchupskaUniversity of GeorgiaThe next time you’re admiring a beautiful oak in your yard this spring, get face-to-wood with the bark and then look closer.Gnat-size insects, granulate ambrosia beetles, bore holes the size of pencil leads into hardwood trees in the spring. Since they attack 200 species, your favorite tree may be a target.“Ten ambrosia beetles can kill a tree, not due to damage from boring into the wood but by clogging up the circulatory system,” said Gretchen Pettis, an entomology graduate research assistant with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.Early detection is critical. Other signs of infestations are frass toothpicks, 1- to 3-inch-long threads of mixed beetle excrement and sawdust protruding from a branch or trunk. However, strong wind or rain can easily brush off these toothpicks.Granulate ambrosia beetles used to be called Asian ambrosia beetles. They don’t feed on trees. But they do carry a fungus.“The beetles farm the fungus and feed on it,” Pettis said. “This is why using systemic insecticides such as imidacloprid simply doesn’t work.”Once your tree is infested with more than 10 to 20 beetles, she said, you’re down to one option.“There’s nothing you can do to kill the fungus,” she said, “once it’s in a tree. The only solution when a tree is that infested is a chainsaw and burning.”The burning is important. “If you don’t burn,” Pettis said, “the beetle could go to other trees.”If ambrosia beetles have hit trees in your area before, Pettis said, spray the trunks and branches of your trees with pyrethroid insecticide such as permethrin or cyfluthrin. This will kill a beetle before it can start digging.Apply the pesticide every two to three weeks for up to three times starting in early April. Check the Georgia Pest Management Handbook at for annual updates on pesticides and proper application rates.Another way to help keep ambrosia beetles at bay is to keep your trees healthy. This won’t completely protect a tree, Pettis said. But it’s a start.Granulate ambrosia beetles made their presence known in Georgia more than 10 years ago. For a while, they stayed confined to nurseries.“For some reason, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, they’ve really spread,” Pettis said, “mostly through nursery stock and wooden packing crates.”Young trees planted in new housing developments may be under transplant stress. This makes them more susceptible, she said. In new neighborhoods, watch your trees closely for signs of attack.Ambrosia beetles don’t just target landscape trees. In the United States, it was first noticed in South Carolina’s peach trees. Pine trees are safe from ambrosia beetles but may be susceptible to southern pine beetles, which look similar.A converted 2-liter bottle can help detect ambrosia beetles in early spring. Place traps as early as February and remove them in late May. Beetles rarely attack after that.Just get a bottle and its cap, a film canister or small medicine bottle, stake, soapy water, ethyl (grain) alcohol and a cotton wick. Cut several lengthwise holes 2 inches wide and 5 inches tall in the bottle. Then invert it and attach it to a 4-foot-tall garden stake.Secure a film canister inside one of the long sides and fill it with ethyl alcohol. Cap the canister and insert the wick through a hole in the lid. Finally, fill the bottle with soapy water to an inch below the canister.Check your trap weekly. The alcohol attracts many beetles, so if you catch something that looks like an ambrosia beetle, call your local UGA Cooperative Extension agent (1-800-ASK-UGA1) to positively identify it.last_img read more

Utility Execs Press for Transition to Gas and Renewables

first_imgUtility Execs Press for Transition to Gas and Renewables FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享SNL:Power generators are reiterating plans to move away from coal­fired generation as coal producers continue to participate in a tight supply market.CMS Energy Corp. President and CEO Patricia Poppe noted the utility has reduced its carbon intensity by 30% since 2005, surpassing targets of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, at an event Sept. 25.According to SNL Energy fuel contract data, recent suppliers of CMS Energy coal plants include Peabody Energy Corp., Cloud Peak Energy Inc. and Arch Coal Inc.During a Sept. 26 presentation NextEra Energy Inc. CFO John Ketchum said that even when renewable tax incentives like the production tax credit and investment tax credit expire, the economics of renewables continue to suggest a healthy competition against other fuel sources. He noted that the production tax credit ratchets down to 40% by the end of 2023.“That gives us a lot of time for wind economics to continue to improve by the time we get to the middle of the next decade,” he said. And then with solar, the [investment tax credit] doesn’t go down to 10% until 2022. … So a lot of room there to continue to achieve economic efficiency and further cost declines in the sector, which match up very well against the other forms of generation.”More: Major suppliers of NextEra coal plants include Cloud Peak and Contura Energy Inc.last_img read more

SCoL Provides Assistance to Ebola-made Orphans

first_imgThe child advocacy group that took nine Liberian youngsters to last March’s Street Child World Cup in Brazil continues its first quota supplies to its beneficiaries in West Point, Buchanan, Caldwell, Banjor and Redlight Bassa Town.The nine young boys are known as Liberia’s ambassadors and are fully involved in SCoL’s activities.SCoL’s program director Michael John Bull told the Daily Observer yesterday that the donation is on-going to cover nearly 174 Ebola-made orphans in those identified communities.“We’ve provided mattresses, toys, footwear and medication to our beneficiaries who are strictly children made orphans by the Ebola Virus Disease,” Bull said.Bull said while the Liberian government has mobilized international efforts in the Ebola fight, “When Ebola is finally defeated the children made orphans by the scourge would remain.” Therefore, he said the Liberian government and other agencies must begin to develop strategies to care for them.“We must be aware of the impending social problem since these orphans are emotionally affected,” Bull said, “therefore four interventions should be considered.”He named them as ensuring acceptance into their communities due to stigmatization; providing clothes, food and medication; being pro-active in their kind of education and assistance to caregivers or a grant that would used for their sustainability.“Street Child of Liberia is providing the above named interventions,” Bull said, “and we would also providing grant assistance to caregivers or responsible relatives so that the children would have no reason to feel neglected.”Bull said SCoL’s field officers are working in several communities, particularly areas highly affected by the Ebola scourge to identify needed children for further support. He put the number to 250 children or more, with cash value of the intervention set around US$20, 000.00 in a continues process of several months.Street Child of Liberia, (SCoL), was first established in Freetown, Sierra Leone and later director Bull was charged to come to Liberia to get it started.Street Child UK currently partners with Street Child of Liberia (SCoL), a registered NGO that delivers street-based programs in Monrovia. SCoL is made up of a team of dedicated Liberian social workers who are trained and supported by a street work expert.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more


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