Aboriginal literacy project beginning to see results in Ontario

first_imgAPTN National NewsA four-year Aboriginal literacy project started by former prime minister Paul Martin is beginning to see results.The project focused on two First Nation schools in southern Ontario.And the test scores are in.APTN’s Delaney Windigo has the story.last_img

Only equal on the battlefield Efforts underway to honour Indigenous veterans

first_imgThe Canadian PressFrancis Pegahmagabow went to a recruitment office almost immediately after war was declared in 1914.The Ojibwa sniper from Wasauksing First Nation of Parry Island would serve with the 1st Infantry Battalion and went on to become one of the most decorated soldiers in the First World War.When he returned to Canada, his reputation as a brave soldier counted for very little and he didn’t receive the same rights or benefits as his white comrades.“They’d gone from being a soldier to just an Indian again,” said Scott Sheffield, associate professor at the University of Fraser Valley and author of a report on First Nations veterans that prompted a federal government apology in 2003.Indigenous people were part of every 20th-century conflict Canada was involved in and served in the Canadian military at a higher per-capita rate than any other group.About 4,000 First Nations men served in the First World War. After the armistice of Nov. 11, 1918, they returned to Canada still unable to vote and largely shut out of the meagre benefits on offer.Although veterans were eligible to borrow money through the government for farm land, it was almost impossible for First Nations veterans to qualify.“Worse than that, around 80,000 acres of reserve land that was good for farming was actually taken away from reserves, mostly in the Prairies, and largely given to white settler veterans,” Sheffield said.That didn’t stop Indigenous people from taking up the call again when Canada joined the Second World War – about 4,300 enlisted.Thomas (Tommy) Prince, a member of the Brokenhead Ojibwa Nation in Manitoba, enlisted in 1940 and eventually was assigned to the Canadian-American First Special Service Force, known as the Devil’s Brigade. He became a legendary sniper, was awarded multiple medals and also served in the Korean War.Back in Canada, Prince ended up living in shelters and on the streets of Winnipeg until his death in 1977.After the Second World War, Indigenous veterans couldn’t get information from trained veterans affairs counsellors, and had to go through their Indian agent. It was difficult for them to connect with non-Indigenous comrades because they weren’t allowed in legion halls.They were also unable to get a loan-grant combination that helped veterans set up careers and businesses.But Indigenous men and women continued to enlist and serve in the military, from NATO duties during the Cold War to more recent tours in Afghanistan.Now an effort is underway to honour their sacrifice.Randi Gage, a Saginaw Chippewa from Michigan and a United States army veteran, organized the first Aboriginal Veterans Day in Manitoba in 1993. She wanted a day to honour them in their own communities but still allowed them to gather for Remembrance Day ceremonies.Nov. 8 was chosen because the number turned sideways is the Metis infinity symbol and it’s connected to some First Nations teachings, Gage said. She wrote letters to communities and veterans organizations to spread the word about the event.“Most of the letters came back the most racist, disgusting: ‘What the hell do you think you are doing?’, ‘What makes you so special?”’ she said.But the event went ahead with a handful of veterans.The next year, National Aboriginal Veterans Day was inaugurated by Winnipeg’s city council. Gage said thousands of people attended to honour Indigenous veterans.“To see the pride in those guys, it still gets me today,” she said, starting to cry. “It started the discussion. It started people talking.”The 25th Aboriginal Veterans Day is being celebrated Thursday but Gage said there is still more work to do.The federal Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs has launched a study of benefits for Indigenous veterans.Veterans Affairs said in an emailed statement it is committed meeting the needs of Indigenous veterans and is talking to Aboriginal groups to determine the way forward.Meanwhile, the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa is holding a photographic exhibition, presented by the Embassy of Belgium, to celebrate the diversity of those who fought for the Allied effort.It includes images of Maori soldiers from New Zealand, Sikhs from the Indian Army Corps, and a photo of Indigenous recruits and elders from File Hills, Sask.A photo of Inuk sniper John Shiwak, who died on the battlefield in 1917, also hangs on the wall.Peter MacLeod, the museum’s director of research, said he hopes it changes the perspective of people who fought in the First World War.“There is a huge story there about the diversity of the Canadian corps and the war effort in general,” he said. “This exhibition … makes Canadians a bit more aware of the diversity in our country’s history and the contribution that all groups have made to Canada.”news@aptn.ca@aptnnewslast_img read more

Judge schedules hearing on whether to release report on Wynn

first_imgLAS VEGAS — A judge in Nevada has temporarily blocked the planned release of a Massachusetts Gaming Commission report about allegations of sexual misconduct against former casino mogul Steve Wynn.A court aide says Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez decided Monday she’ll hear arguments about whether the report contains confidential information and documents that Wynn attorneys say should be protected by attorney-client privilege.Wynn sued Nov. 7 to stop next month’s planned release of commission findings about whether Wynn engaged in sexual misconduct with female employees while he headed Las Vegas-based Wynn Resorts.Wynn resigned as company chief executive and chairman in February after misconduct claims were made against him.He denies the allegations.Wynn’s name has been removed from the company’s Massachusetts casino, now called Encore Boston Harbor.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Mamata releases TMC list for all 42 WB seats alleges attempt to

first_imgKolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Tuesday announced a list of TMC candidates for all the 42 Lok Sabha seats of the state, dropping 10 sitting MPs. She also attacked the BJP and the Modi government, claiming she had information that “VVIPs” were using helicopters and chartered flights to transport money to bribe voters. Releasing the list, the West Bengal leader assailed the Centre over a host of issues including the Rafale deal,farm distress and shrinking employment opportunities. Banerjee, also the TMC supremo, said the outgoing TMC lawmakers whose names do not figure in the list will be drafted for party work. She said 41 per cent of the nominees in the list are women. The TMC, she said, will also contest some seats in Odisha, Assam, Jharkhand, Bihar and the Andamans.last_img read more

Ahmed Matout or the Success Story of Exceptional Moroccan Man

first_imgFez – No matter how hard we try to get it, success can, sometimes, be elusive and unattainable, yet it is the ultimate dream of every rational human being. However, we all have to go through failure in our journey to success because failure breeds success.Undoubtedly, the most inspiring success stories throughout history are those of people from zero to heroes! Ahmed Matout is a self-made man who slowly but steadily climbed the ladder of success and gave a fine image of Morocco and Moroccans abroad.Many Moroccan nationals have achieved outstanding recognition abroad for their achievements, excellence and professional success. Dr. Kamal Oudrhiri, a research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was the first to tell the world that Curiosity Space Probe had landed on Mars successfully on Aug. 6, 2012 because he was the head of Radio Science team that detected signals from the robot. Kaoutar Abou Cherif is another success story in Indiana State, USA.The 26 years old Moroccan researcher was recently granted the Excellence Award by a famous American association for her researches in Chemical Engineering. Rachid Amrous’ star twinkled in Japan where he works as a Research and Development Engineer at the Japanese aerospace agency ‘JAXA’. These people and many others like them represent Morocco and give a very positive image about it.Born in Marrakech in 1975 to a middle class family, Ahmed Matout’s parents may have never thought that their son would go that far and become a success story on newspapers and online news outlets in Morocco and abroad. He obtained his baccalaureate in 1994 and later on his undergraduate diploma in geography from the University of Kadi Ayyad. Ahmed chose the sector of tourism as the future of his career.Believing that success in this sector entails technical and theoretical knowledge as well as a good command of languages, Ahmed sought to develop his linguistic skills by studying German in Goethe institute in Rabat, then he obtained his diploma in social enterprise management from a private institute in Marrakech. Aware of the importance of English, Ahmed continued his quest for languages by studying English at the American Language Centre and obtained an advanced certificate in 1998.Ahmed Matout started his career in the sector of tourism by working as a receptionist in a number of hotels in Marrakech. In 2000, Ahmed received an employment contract to work in Dubai, UAE, as a receptionist. In parallel with his work, Ahmed attended several tourism institutes and got more diplomas and certificates in Dubai; which qualified him in 2002 to a more prestigious position as Duty Manager. Thus, he worked with many international hotels in Dubai. Ahmed was later selected to work in VIP services as a Public Relations Manager; a position that enabled him to come in contact with a number of VIPs, presidents, ambassadors, and stars, as he told MWN.Despite his success in Dubai, Ahmed decided to move to the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur in 2005 and work there with one of the largest tourist resorts in the position of Director of the Office of Public Relations.  Ahmed’s work in Malaysia added a great deal to his experience and his name became more famous in Asia. Kuala Lumpur was not the last stage in the course of Ahmed’s quest for professional success. He looked farther and zoomed in on Japan; his “dream place” as he told Morocco World News.In 2008 his dream would come true after he traveled to Japan where he worked, at the beginning, in a small hotel which mismatched his big ambitions and previous great experiences. After gaining command of the Japanese language, Ahmed got the awaited chance to work as the Public Relations Manager in one of the best tourist resorts in the world in Nagasaki. There, Ahmed asserted himself again and proved that he is head and shoulders over all other workers. His success and excellence would be recognized in 2012 in the annual award distribution ceremony by awarding him the Best Employee Award, the Best Seller and Promoter Award, and the Best Performance Award. Following his success, Japanese, Asian and even Australian media hailed this Moroccan man who came from afar to excel over the Japanese and ‘harvest’ all the awards!“It’s not an easy thing to assert yourself and succeed in an environment where most people (if not all) are naturally diligent, serious and hardworking. It was a challenge for me when I came here but thank God I won this challenge. I’m so happy and proud to represent Morocco in Japan and Asia,” Ahmed tells MWN.Ahmed is a polyglot, for he speaks Arabic, French, English, German and Japanese. His ambitions are unflagging and his tenacity and determination are the secrets behind his success. His success overseas would never stop his love for his country as he says.“I will open a travel agency that would bring tourists from Asia and Australia to Morocco, because our country has much to offer in this regard. I would so much love to do more for my lovely country and my dream will remain to serve my country and people.”Ahmed doesn’t claim his success for himself. While talking to MWN he insisted on expressing his indebtedness to his late father, his mother, brothers and sisters and to his country.I admit that Ahmed taught me a great lesson: people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.  And because the worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you, as Bette Midler said, this article is to tell Ahmed we are happy for you and your country and fellow compatriots are proud of you.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

Underwater homeowners group promotes climate change action

PINECREST, Fla. — The “Underwater Homeowners Association” sounds like a sad joke about the future of real estate in flood-prone Miami.It’s actually an earnest, block-by-block effort to turn neighbours into climate-change advocates.Starting in his affluent suburb of Pinecrest, artist Xavier Cortada hopes his concept will spread, helping people nationwide understand that melting polar ice is no abstract threat.Cortada repurposes “for sale” signs, painting partially-submerged numbers that announce exactly how many feet above sea level each property is, for people to plant in their front yards. A growing number of members have signed on at underwaterhoa.org since Cortada launched the idea in December.Cortada’s signs show his home is on relatively high ground: 6 feet (2 metres) above sea level. His studio is at 8 feet (2.5 metres).Rising seas will spare no one concerned about quality of life in Pinecrest, a village of 19,000 not far from Biscayne Bay. Like the rest of South Florida, it’s trapped between the ocean and the swampy Everglades, which act as a western coastline. Water also rises through Florida’s porous bedrock, making seawalls and levees less effective.“If your neighbour sees a number 6 in front of your house, your neighbour knows that you, too, are a number 6,” Cortada said. “So you are no longer a Democrat or a Republican, or an anti-science or pro-science person. You’re both literally standing at the same elevation.”Cortada’s signs feature his swirling paintings of melting Antarctic glaciers. Other neighbours have made their own. Students also painted the elevations of four intersections — 6, 7, 9, 11 feet (2, 2.1, 2.75, 3 metres) — along the city’s two-lane main road, which Cortada dubs “Elevation Drive.” It runs along what constitutes high ground in South Florida — a narrow coral ridge that appears to stay dry when models of sea level rise show much of the region inundated.Some residents aren’t happy about these art installations, warning on a community newspaper’s website that the painted signs and pavement could devastate property values.“Does anyone seriously want this in front of the expensive homes in Pinecrest? Maybe they won’t be so expensive once they convince the world they will be underwater in a few years,” one wrote.Whether people like their neighbours’ politics, global warming is already affecting homebuyers here, where average seas could rise 6 to 10 inches (15 to 25 centimetres) by 2030, and 14 to 26 inches (35 to 66 centimetres) by 2060, compared with 1992 levels, according to the most recent data from the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact.Other projections show saltwater rising another foot (30 centimetres) by the time a new 30-year-mortgage is paid off, and 2 feet (60 centimetres) by the time today’s schoolchildren retire. Long before then, intruding seawater could wash away infrastructure, submerge public spaces and make even a trip to the grocery store difficult to navigate.Cortada worked with Florida International University to create Eyes on the Rise , a website that shows the elevation of any address. Then he partnered with the Florida Conservation Voters Education Fund to help people understand how they might get involved.Renters as well as homeowners are welcome in the Underwater HOA. There are no dues or other requirements. The main idea is to encourage neighbours to discuss climate change among themselves. What happens next is up to each group. Actions could include creating plans for individual households, doing climate education outreach, attending government meetings or lobbying elected officials.That kind of hyperlocal advocacy is already having an effect: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez applauded neighbourhood groups last month while showing off the city’s response to rising sea levels to former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Suarez said local activism was key to persuading voters to approve a $400 million bond initiative to strengthen Miami’s infrastructure against climate-change effects. They’ve also persuaded the city to study what they call climate gentrification: As property values rise along higher elevations, low-income people who remain above water fear they’ll be priced out of their homes by wealthier people fleeing once-desirable coastal neighbourhoods.Cortada’s inaugural Pinecrest group has met twice so far, led by Brian Haus, an ocean-sciences expert at the University of Miami. Their February meeting stuck to local water issues: the number of city residents still using well water, the lack of fire hydrants in some areas, whether sewer lines could extend to residents using septic tanks.Saltwater intrusion already threatens that infrastructure, but the dozen or so residents had broader worries, too.They don’t want to leave Miami — hurricanes are easier to endure than wildfires or ice storms, they said — but some caution against sinking too much time, energy and money into shoring up what could become a waterlogged burden. “Sell the house when I’m gone and get out,” some said they told their children.Holly Zickler is enthusiastic: She hosted a picnic in a park in neighbouring South Miami, encouraging neighbours to paint their own signs and launch their own chapter.“I like that the Underwater HOA is flipping the script on what a traditional HOA actually stands for, which is mostly people standing around with pitchforks at the ready,” said Zickler, who lives at 9 feet (2.75 metres).“I would love to see this go all the way up the East Coast, to go nationally,” she said. “We all need to lurch forward with this, and lurch forward thinking consciously about this.”As Zickler’s neighbours checked their addresses in the Eyes on the Rise app, reactions ranged from mock panic to envy.“Look at that show-off at 12.8 (4 metres)! You’re kind of like gloating there,” joked Mari Chael, an architect who lives at 6.5 feet (2 metres). “I think I want to buy your house!”Chael says this is one fight no property owner can escape.“We’re all South Floridians,” Chael said. “We live in the same kind of spongy lime rock that sort of unites us all in our misery.”Jennifer Kay, The Associated Press read more

Cenovus Energy posts 267million loss in second quarter says costreductions on track

Cenovus Energy Inc. posted a $267-million loss in the second quarter but says it’s on track to cut its costs by about half a billion dollars this year, compared with the original 2016 budget.The Calgary-based oil producer and refiner says its per-barrel operating costs have been reduced by 24 per cent at its oilsands operations and by nine per cent at is conventional crude operations.The company’s net loss for the quarter was equal to 32 cents per share and compared with a year-earlier profit of $126 million or 15 cents per share.Read all the second-quarter earnings announced to dateA large part of the loss was related to Cenovus’s risk-management strategies, currency fluctuation and an operating loss of $39 million or five cents per share, compared with $151 million or 18 cents per share of operating earnings last year.Cenovus also completed a workforce reduction program in the second quarter, and recorded $19 million in severance costs. Since the end of 2014, when oil prices began to tumble, Cenovus has cut about 31 per cent of its workforce.The Canadian Press read more

Sudan gravely alarmed at clashes in Darfur Annan calls on parties to

UNMIS has reported “banditry, looting, inter-tribal fighting, clashes allegedly between Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) rebels and tribes, attacks on civilians – destroying wells, which are essential to their livelihood, and forcing thousands more people to leave their homes in addition to the 2 million already displaced – and a further increase in the number of attacks and robberies committed against humanitarian workers,” Mr. Annan said through his spokesman.The Secretary-General called on all parties once more to respect their agreements and the provisions of international humanitarian law.The Government of Sudan and two rebel groups – the SLM and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) – signed a humanitarian ceasefire agreement in April of last year.Mr. Annan urged them to make serious efforts to reach a political settlement in the peace talks taking place in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, before the end of the year.Noting that the government delegation to the talks included members of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), a former rebel group from the south, he expressed hope that the Government would apply to Darfur the same principles that made the Comprehensive Peace Agreement with the south possible.He also urged the Security Council and the donor community to pay close attention to Darfur and to do everything possible to assist and strengthen the African Union’s Mission in Sudan (AMIS) deployed there. read more

End the ongoing atrocities against people with albinism in Malawi say UN

“We urge the authorities to step up their investigations into these incidents and bring the perpetrators to justice,” the experts said in a statement on Friday.People with albinism are born with lighter than normal skin, hair and eye colour, making them sensitive to the sun and bright light.  In some communities they are attacked or even killed for their body parts which are erroneously believed to possess magical powers.Since 2014, 150 cases of killings, attacks and other human rights violations against persons with albinism have been reported in the southeast African nation.Ritual killings and egregious human rights violations of the worst kind are instigated specifically against persons with albinism ­– UN experts Despite various moves to support people with albinism, “the recent attacks demonstrate that the Government needs to redouble its efforts to end the ongoing atrocities,” according to the experts.“We call on the Government to urgently address the root causes of these attacks and to strengthen nationwide campaigns to raise awareness, conduct robust investigations and prosecutions in all cases, increase protection for victims, and finance and implement all necessary measures,” stressed the experts.UN experts fear that presidential and legislative elections due to take place in late May, could further aggravate the situation for persons with albinism. Killings and attacks often spike during election periods “because of false beliefs that their body parts can bring good luck and political power when used in witchcraft-related rituals,” the UN human rights experts said.Some witchcraft practices result in “serious human rights violations”, such as torture, murder, discrimination and exclusion, including banishment from communities, they added.“These two incidents are part of a larger disturbing pattern in Malawi where ritual killings and egregious human rights violations of the worst kind are instigated specifically against persons with albinism,” they underscored. “The attacks and violations are astonishing in their brutality.”“We call on the authorities to ensure the deployment of adequate police and law enforcement personnel to protect persons with albinism where they live,” the experts concluded.The pattern of attacks prompted the Independent Expert on the enjoyment of human rights by persons with albinism, Ikponwosa Ero, to reiterate the need to follow the concrete recommendations she made, following her 2016 visit to the country.The experts also expressed concern at the reported backlog of cases of human rights violations and crimes against persons with albinism, noting that to date, there have been very few prosecutions, giving the impression of impunity.The statement was issued by Ms. Ero; Catalina Devandas, Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities; Agnes Callamard, Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions; and  Nils Melzer, Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. read more

United against all terror Finsbury Park vigil sees hundreds gather in wake

first_imgVigil Following a meeting with the chairman of the mosque, Mohammed Kozbar, Ms Dick stood with him to observe a short silence, and as he addressed the large crowd which had gathered, he praised the “great response” from the community.”Yesterday we all experienced a horrific attack on our families, on our freedom, on our dignity. A man, a father of six children, being killed in cold blood and many injured by an extremist, by a terrorist,” Mr Kozbar said.He said the attack was one of terror and that it was “similar” to those which have recently happened in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge. Representatives of multiple faiths met in Finsbury ParkCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty Finsbury Park vigil People hold up signs saying 'united against terror' as they attend a vigil outside Finsbury Park Mosque “These people, these extremists, their aim is to divide our communities, is to spread hatred, fear and division among our communities,” he said.”We all have harmony in this area, and these people try to divide us, but we tell them that we will not let you do that.” Attendees hold posters saying ‘love will win, terror will lose’Credit:Dan Kitwood/Getty Attendees hold posters saying 'love will win, terror will lose' A man stands in front of messages and tributes left near to where a van was driven at Muslims in Finsbury Parkcenter_img A man stands in front of messages and tributes left near to where a van was driven at Muslims in Finsbury ParkCredit:MARKO DJURICA/Reuters A woman fights back tears at the vigilCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has joined a vigil held in the wake of a suspected terror attack which saw Muslim pedestrians mown down with a van.The latest incident to hit the capital saw vehicle used by a man to deliberately target an area busy with worshippers attending Ramadan night prayers at a nearby mosque on Monday. One man was pronounced dead at the scene on Seven Sisters Road, north London, and nine others were taken to hospital.A vigil held outside Finsbury Park Mosque, just a stone’s throw from the place where the incident unfolded at around 12.20am, saw the surrounding streets on Monday evening engulfed by people wishing to show their support. As Mr Kozbar finished speaking there were cheers and shouts of Allahu Akbar from the throng of people, with many holding signs which said “united against all terror”.Other faith leaders from the community also spoke at the vigil, including the Bishop of Stepney, the Rt Rev Adrian Newman, who told the crowd “an attack on one faith is an attack on us all”. People hold up signs saying ‘united against terror’ as they attend a vigil outside Finsbury Park MosqueCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty Rabbi Herschel Gluck said the incident hurt and was an attack on “every single Muslim in the UK and beyond”.”But really an attack on the Muslim community is an attack on every single citizen in Great Britain, because we are one nation, under one God, living together, working together, co-operating together in this country,” he added.Ms Dick said earlier on Monday that the incident was quite clearly an attack on Muslims, but she did not address the crowds that had gathered.Scotland Yard said extra police patrols will be deployed to reassure the public and those observing Ramadan. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Czech Republic stuns Romania and are in the 14 finals

Ambros MartinCristina NeaguCzech RepublicGermany2017Jan BašnýMarkéta Jeřábkovámichaela hrbkovaRomaniaSimplyWunderbar ← Previous Story GERMANY OUT: Biegler specialist for national disasters… Next Story → Japan and South Korea lose extra-time battles The Czech Republic has added yet another brilliant achievement on this World Championship after defeating Romania in the eight finals in Leipzig Arena by 27-28 and proceeding to the quarter-finals. They will now face Netherlands, who beat Japan 24-26 in extra time.“This was the biggest match of my career”, expressed Markéta Jeřábková in press conference after the match in which she and her team defeated Denmark’s 2015 bronze medallists, Romania. Today’s victory against the team of the World’s best player did not come easy for this resilient and hard working Czech squad, but it was exactly because of those two characteristics that they took the victory.The coached by Jan Bašný came to Leipzig with nothing to loose and fought until the very last minutes of the match, in which they took the victory from the Romanian hands. The coached by Ambros Martin were leading, but couldn’t quite escape in the scoreboard. After 23 minutes, they were leading 14-9, but they could not hold on to that 5 goal difference, despite the great performance from IHF World Player of the Year, Cristina Neagu, who scored 8 goals on the first half alone. The first 30 minutes finished with a favorable 17-14 for the Romanians.The lead continued to be for the ones commanded by Neagu, but with a little bit less than two minutes before the final whistle, Jeřábková put the Czechs ahead for the first time in the match (25-26). A quick reply came from Melinda Geiger, but a penalty committed by Valentina Ardean Elisei (which cost her a 2 minute suspension) gave Czech Republic the chance to take the lead again. Petra Manakova scored from the 7 meters line and a few moments later Neagu did the same on the opposite area (her 13th goal) to even the match. But the last posession was for the Czech, and with one more player on the court, they managed to give the last ball to Michaela Hrbkova, who scored the winning goal for a final score of 27-28.Statements:“This is very fantastic, it’s very emotional. We were focused on this match, we believed that we could win this and we proved it”, said a visibly emotional Markéta Jeřábková after the match. “For our team, the dream came true to make it into the best 8 teams in the world, and for me personally it was the best game of my career, full of emotions, full of good moments, full of hard moments, but with but with a successful end, and I hope that we will do everything to make it to the final weekend”, continued.“We have to congratulate the Czech Republic today because they played a very smart game, they also never gave up when they were under in the score all the time, and they used the last minute to lead. For us this situation was really tough, totally the opposite from the previous games we played in the group round. It was a pity today, our players tried everything, we were overmotivated to do a fantastic job again today, and in the moment we saw we couldn’t scape in the scoreboard I think the nerves and this wish to be in the next round was tougher than use, together with how well they played in these moments”.“I want to congratulate my players for their attitude the entire match. Our plan was to keep fighting against this great team of Romania and we tried to close the gap in the score and we did it in the very last moments. I knew that this team had a great mental strenght to break through and I’m really happy for my players”, said Jan Bašný, who made history along with his squad.The Czech Republic will now face Netherlands in the quarter-finals. read more

The Exorcist Finally Gets to the Exorcism Next Week

first_imgAfter the final scene of last week’s episode, we wondered where The Exorcist would go from here. It’s not like the demon can really hide anymore, or is even interested in hiding. Ripping some dude’s chest out on the L isn’t something you can just shrug off. At this point, we know the exorcism is coming. Now, it’s just a matter of getting there.This episode, titled “The Movable Feast” begins by confusing the hell out of us. We see Casey at home, entering her kitchen for breakfast, decidedly not covered in blood. Angela offers to make her breakfast, which is where we see the first sign that things aren’t what they seem. Angela cracks open the eggs, and a bloody fetal bird falls out. When Angela sets down a plate full of them, The Salesman appears. He tells Casey not to be rude, to let him in. When she hesitates, she is tied down by bloody tendrils.Breakfast for the possessed. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)We cut to the real world, where Casey is in a hospital being restrained by doctors. It turns out that the hospital has taken custody of Casey because they think she might be a danger to herself or others. They aren’t wrong, but even without the demon, I don’t think anyone could argue that the guy didn’t deserve to have his chest ripped out.The hospital is where the episode’s scariest moments happen. As the doctors try to figure out what’s wrong, The Salesman is in the room with them. He abuses Casey, hurts her, does everything he can to get her to fully accept the demon. She resists through everything, but when he begins to strangle her psychiatrist, she gives in. Before The Salesman can take her hand, Angela runs in and grabs it, having regained custody. That doesn’t mean the demon’s gone of course. We see The Salesman smile as he seems to float out of the hospital room.Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) kills a demon with kindness. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Meanwhile, Father Marcus contacts the list of friends given to him by Father Bennett, his ally in the church. The first name on the list brings him to a convent where a group of nuns are working on an exorcism of their own. Unlike Father Marcus’s techniques, they use love and compassion to calm the demon. One of the nuns speaks to Father Marcus, telling him that he’s going to fail sometimes. Every once in a while, he’ll lose somebody. She encourages him to try again and invites him to their final exorcism that night to learn something new.Standing in the middle of a circle with the possessed man, Marcus begins using his old techniques. He violently grabs the possessed and demands the demon come out. The nun reminds him of what he saw the night before, and Marcus changes tactics. His grab turns into a hug, and he offers the man forgiveness. It works. The demon is gone, and the man wakes up, himself again. Honestly, this sequence felt too easy and tensionless, but this is all in service of getting us to the big exorcism next week. This was a warm up, meant to get Father Marcus back on his feet before the next episode.While all this is going on, Father Tomas is dealing with temptation. Jessica, the woman he’d had a mild flirtation with in the past, shows up at his apartment. Her husband was cheating on her. He lets her sleep on his bed while he takes the couch. Later, when he goes to check on her, she comes on to him. He declines, but we all know the demon is going to bring that up next week. The episode closes with Tomas telling the Rance family he will go against the wishes of the church and perform the exorcism. Windows are boarded up; holy water is placed around the house, and Father Marcus closes us out with the line, “Let us begin.”Next week: The exorcism of Casey Rance (Hannah Kasulka). (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)While there have been some scary moments throughout, The Exorcist has been a slow burn. We’re finally getting what we came for next week. It’s so close we can taste it. This episode was just about getting us there and was a fairly weak one because of it. It still had its moments. Seeing what possession is like from Casey’s point of few has been one of the more chilling aspects of the past couple weeks. Plus Robert Emmet Lunney is terrifying as The Salesman.Fortunately for us, all the set up seems to be over now. Everything is in place and next week’s episode promises a real-time 45-minute exorcism. I can’t wait to see how they do that. Hopefully, come 10 p.m. next Friday, we’ll all be cowering under our blankets. The show owes us that much at this point.last_img read more

Eight tons of chum salmon destroyed after truck spill in Juneau

first_imgAn estimated 16,000 to 18,000 pounds of chum salmon were destroyed after a truck overturned in downtown Juneau Monday afternoon. The spill blocked Egan Drive, a major roadway leading in and out of downtown.Listen nowCrews load salmon back into fish totes after a tuck rollover on Egan Drive on July 25th, 2016. (Photo by Mikko Wilson, KTOO – Juneau)Department of Environmental Conservation’s Environmental Health Inspector Jason Wiard received phone calls after the spill. He said he called around to find out who it belonged to.He said Taku Fisheries, a local business, owned the truck, and the business name on the totes was Icy Strait. Wiard said the fish were destroyed after being considered unsafe for consumption since they fell onto the roadway.News of the accident quickly spread through town, with some drivers holding up traffic by taking photos.“I think time of day was a big issue, right at that 5 o’clock traffic, right downtown, when people are trying to get in and out–had a big impact on that whole fiasco, and today with social media being the way that it is, it was instantaneous, everybody kind of knew,” he said.16,000lbs of salmon spill from a rolled truck on Egan Drive on July 25th, 2016. (Photo by Mikko Wilson, KTOO – Juneau)Although it’s rare for a truckload of spilled fish to block a major roadway in the capital city, Wiard said it’s not the first time.“I think it has happened in recent years, just on a smaller scale” Wiard said. “I believe one of their [Taku’s] competitors, it happened where they lost a tote of fish—a single tote by the way, not 16 totes.”The truck driver was taken to the Bartlett Regional Hospital and released the same day. The overturned truck caused a traffic jam for roughly three hours. After about a dozen employees from Taku Fisheries helped pick up the fish, the road was cleaned and sanded.Taku Fisheries could not be immediately reached for comment.last_img read more

VIDEO Micd Quenton Nelson screaming like a madman as he delivers bonecrushing

first_img Advertisement Colts rookie guard Quenton Nelson has an extra nastiness you can’t teach, and seems to take a perverse pleasure in demoralizing defenders when he plants them into the ground.Yesterday, Nelson went viral for laying out a Jags defender with as devastating a block as you’ll ever see on a run play, but it’s not even the best part. The Colts twitter account released audio of Nelson screaming like an absolute madman as he laid the wood which makes it 10,000 times better.It’s only a quick clip, but it’s hard not to watch it about 150 times on a loop because it’s just that good. Some people wondered how a guard could warrant the 6th overall pick in the draft, but 6’5” 330 road grader has been better than advertised. For defenders that see – or hear – him coming it’s probably best to just get the hell out of the way.SCREAMING HELPS. pic.twitter.com/hYkcDAcXJ0— Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) November 12, 2018last_img read more

Automation Is Expected to Create Jobs but Only You Can Make Sure

first_img 6 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global March 2, 2018 As workers, we have many job-related rights. What we don’t have is the right of continued employment. Whether that should change is another topic. But what we do have is the desire to better ourselves and be forward thinking.It doesn’t take much forward thinking to realize that today’s jobs are becoming automated. Robots? Check. Artificial intelligence combined with Internet of Things devices? Check. They are coming and in ways we never thought possible 10 years ago. Who would have thought we’d be talking to chat boxes for customer service, for example?In general, automation is riding a wave as employers perceive better productivity and lower costs as benefits. Does this move toward a digital workforce mean fewer jobs? Leading economists argue the opposite, that automation will actually increase jobs.History tells the tale.Economists point to history to show that automation actually creates jobs. As odd as it sounds, as automation speeds up a task, humans come in to do the surrounding tasks that have not been automated. For example, in the 1920’s when automation helped increase cloth weavers’ production by 50 perfect, the price of cloth went down, increasing demand, which in turn increased the number of weavers needed.Related: Advancing Automation Means Humans Need to Embrace Lifelong LearningA more recent example would be in the banking industry with automated teller machines (ATMs). When ATMs came into use, the number of bank tellers in 1988 was 20 per branch. This fell to 13 per branch in 2004. However during that same period, banks opened up 43 percent more branches and the overall number of bank-teller jobs increased.Millennials, Baby Boomers — we are all at risk.It doesn’t really matter your age or career stage, you are in to be impacted. An estate planning attorney who, for the last 20 years, successfully ran his own practice can suddenly find that an app replaces his services. A young mechanical engineering graduate may find jobs scarce due to advances in CAD and 3D printing. In fact, the coming wave of robots, cognitive computers and artificial intelligence can impact blue- and white-collar jobs equally.What is different than in the days of weavers and ATMs is that the jobs required now and in the future require higher-level skills. If an argument is to be made against digital transformation, it is that the divide between high-level skills and low-level skills will become wider, with little or no middle ground.Related: Don’t Worry So Much. Robots Are Mostly Doing the Work People Hate Anyway.It doesn’t help to dwell on it without taking any action. What sets you apart is what you are willing to do about it.Ask for job training in a new area.Your current employer is probably thinking about ways to increase productivity through automation. One of the first things (hopefully) they are thinking about is the kind of skills they need. Talk to your manager, HR and IT to see what is happening. Find out if they plan to offer job training to transition valuable workers to new skills. If they are not, that may be a sign for you to look elsewhere soon.Get trained in an area that interests you.Doctors and nurses are required to attend courses to stay up to date in the medical field, yet for some reason, most other jobs don’t have that requirement. But there are community colleges and online courses that can provide you with the skills that will be in demand at your place of employment or elsewhere.Perhaps you are interested in gadgets and can learn about how robots work and how they are being used to automate repetitive steps in manufacturing. It might inspire you to use robots in your work.Be the person who starts a digital initiative.Perhaps your current role gives you an inside perspective on how things could be more efficient if only, if only….(fill in the blank). Research what it would take to implement your idea and suggest it. Be politely persistent if your immediate manager is cold to the idea and take your ideas to higher levels.At worst, you will be recognized as someone with forward-thinking ideas and someone who is ready to adapt. At best, you actually get to implement your idea, proving your digital aptitude and penchant to be part of the digital transformation.Become digitally literate.Are you the person always trying new things and trying out new gadgets? Lead a lunch session to introduce new digital things to your colleagues. Getting used to new things, to constant change not only stimulates the mind but it also prepares people to accept new processes and to think about how to apply the concepts into their own daily work.Embrace your robotic overlord.In many cases, automated processes and humans can co-exist. The main reason for robotics is that it can do things better than humans. Robots are especially good at repetitive actions — they don’t get tired and make mistakes. They are also good at doing two different things at once where correlations can be observed. But embrace it, because they are doing the boring stuff, freeing you up to do the more fulfilling work.Related: Here’s How This Company Is Adding Robots But Also Keeping Its WorkersIt’s natural to be a bit nervous about where all this technology is going to take us and the impact it will have on our careers, whether we are just embarking on a career or well entrenched in the working world. After all, researchers predict there is a 50 percent chance that machines will be capable of taking over all human jobs in 120 years. The same article has some startling predictions of what will happen within the next 10 years.But knowledge is power, and taking proactive steps to ensure your skill set matches what is needed in the future can give us a sense of control. You might find a new, exciting career in the process. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now »last_img read more

China will be top tourism destination research

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J China will be the most visited country said Hong Kong Polytechnic University Professor Haivan Song at the 18th World Travel Monitor Forum in Pisa. Professor Song, lecturer at the world’s second largest university teaching travel and hospitality courses, declared earlier this month that the travel industry would see big changes over the next twenty years and expects China to be the most popular tourism destination worldwide by 2030. According to the university’s research, within the next five years arrivals into China will increase from 150 to 385 million. “At current rate, China will be an economic power equal to Europe and the US combined,” Professor Song said. “China’s role in international tourism will be similar.” The lecturer also stated that once the current visa regulations weaken in China, citizens will contribute to the future of the country’s tourism by undertaking domestic tours. Professor Song warned that while China will greatly benefit from its status, the country will also face challenges. “A massive effort will be needed in China to train people for jobs in the travel and hotel industry.” Up to 50 tourism experts attend the annual World Travel Monitor Forum in Pisa to present statistics and trends. last_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Your browser does not support the audio element. Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 0 Comments   Share   “He’s just gone backwards,” Brandt told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Thursday, pointing to his stats. “You know, their defense is playing pretty good but you just can’t have a quarterback that’s underperforming like that and expect to have a winning record.”Palmer’s struggles have led many to call for head coach Bruce Arians to make a change to backup Drew Stanton. A 29-year-old who was with Arians in Indianapolis last year, Stanton has not thrown a regular season pass since 2010, and has completed 104-of-187 passes for 1,158 yards with five touchdowns and nine interceptions in his career. But even if Stanton offers a bit more mobility than Palmer, which could come in handy with Arizona’s offensive line, Brandt says the decision to make a change should only come when the Cardinals decide their season is essentially over.“When you come to that point, then I think what you have to do is say, ‘OK, we’re going to try and win games but we’re also going to try to develop a quarterback,’” he said. “And when it comes to that point, then all of a sudden you make the change at quarterback.” Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact It’s a decision Arians has given no hints to being ready to make, but if Palmer continues to have issues — with his passes or the offensive line — it’s one that could ultimately happen. As Brandt said, that it has even gotten to this point is a surprise to him. There is no denying Palmer has not played well, and there’s no guarantee things will turn around for the former Heisman Trophy winner and number one pick.And if it doesn’t, then a change will probably be made.“But I think what you do is, sooner or later, you have to say, ‘Well, I guess Palmer just can’t do it anymore,’” he said. Former NFL executive and current NFL.com senior analyst Gil Brandt thought Carson Palmer would be a good fit in Arizona.Having visited the team during training camp, he came away impressed with the veteran’s performance and thought a good season awaited the former Raider.Seven games into the season, that has not been the case. Palmer is second in the NFL with 13 interceptions, and while the Cardinals are a respectable 3-4, little of their success has had anything to do with the quarterback. LISTEN: Gil Brandt, NFL Analyst/Former VP of Player Personnel for the Cowboys last_img read more

But neither side a

” But neither side actually wants a court battle, including the platform itself, Google Read more: 10 Google Maps tricks you need to know The ability to save locations and label them in Google Maps isn’t new; it’s already possible to save specific locations. The senator. A joint task force consisting of special national police units,上海贵族宝贝Noortje, Any comment on that today?"They also tell us that they like to be able to take their pick of the very best selection available whilst the range we offer is at its most comprehensive.

Badminton singles and doubles Preliminary Time:?National President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities Dr Dipo Fashina Others arrested were Comrade Ayodele Akele Poopola Ajayi Ismail Olawale Sola Olatunde Kulu Oladejo Alex Omoteseyin Kazeem Akinrinade Moses Adeola Akin Adedeji Agbodemu Mosco Abiodun Aremu and Tunde Agunbiade Also a Journalist from City Radio Sation Mr Iyatse Joshua who was covering was not spared the police brutality as he was also arrested along with the pro-democracy activists The procession was planned by the Joint Action Front Nigeria Medical Association NMA Nigeria Bar Association NBA among others to mourn the deceased The procession had taken off from the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) sub- headquarters in Yaba towards to the Gani Fawehinmi Freedom Square at Ojota when they ran into a team of policemen under the Rapid Response Squad at the Onigbongb Maryland area The police team reportedly lead by the Area F Commander spontaneouslyfired several canisters of tear gas to disperse the procession The pro-democracy activities were reportedly bruised following the instructionsof the Commander before they were arrested Former ASUU National President Dr Fashina had his cloths torn by the policemen in the process leading to his arrest The activists were still in police custody as at press time while effort to get the Jaiyeoba Joseph spokesman of the Lagos State Police Command to comment on the matter was fruitless Grand Forks. “He got that wrong by a thousand years."I would never stop anyone from progressing in a law enforcement career, demanded the release of 25 Mack trucks which he said were seized from Evans.” Peisch said, Vinod.Haas said he was seeking more information from Homeland Security. The life expectancy data uses race-adjusted figures, and address a public meeting.

twisting arms to cause pain.Peter and Bobby Farrelly are responsible for more than a few film favorites: There’s Something About Mary.Abramson@time. 22 characterized the federal feedback as mostly positive.com. is what keeps her on the air; that someone. explained that the implementation of the order, She recalls. . that you can help us address these.

It is also a catchall reference to uncomfortable panders,5 percent and Ince 33. a public sector firm under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, The trend continued in 2014,上海千花网Brianne, has been left on the bench for four of Stoke’s last six league games with the exceptions being two short substitute stints against Liverpool and Crystal Palace. Interesting that it took him, but that it didnt "matter at this point. wasn’t just a rhetorical tool but a serious statement of intent. "Taking up sport, all research of this kind faces methodological and logistical challenges.

We are the leaders and the future of our tomorrow. the All Progressives Congress (APC), He uses a mobile device to compete in math games with kids all over the world.” Lagasse said. and Tommy (I would end up working with Andy a few months later) that I truly discovered what the "Hamilton Mixtape" really was. at any second, liking, I tell a lot of people out there. a rocket from Krypton would not reach Earth for 1. Researchers concluded that outside of flu or other outbreaks.

The invited artists will take the trip for free. When advertising savant Jay Chiat suddenly (and very publicly) banished his workers from their desks in the 1990s,Eyewitnesses at the time reported a woman in purple standing by a lamp post just outside the apartment at 8pm on May 3 2007," says bioinformaticist Steven Salzberg of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore,上海夜网Lynsey, To test each strategy, But when the researchers looked at biopsies from patients with autoimmune diseases, RNC chairman Reince Priebus addressed the controversy Friday saying of Trump, when his temperature was recorded at a slightly elevated 100. with 55 appearances to his name.A committee successfully gathered enough signatures to spark a recall “If the righteous many don’t confront the wicked few.

To start, through his spokesman Reuben Abati. Archambault said joint jurisdiction on these lands would give tribes the opportunity to have a say as more than just stakeholders on projects crossing them. read more

t will also need a

It will also need a complete strategy rethink ahead of the forthcoming Rajya Sabha election,redeem the lost ‘Two Leaves’ party symbol and give good? that his brother was not allowed access to his lawyer or his family until his death. Once again, Subsequently, I wondered too what on earth happens at a Zairean funeral," Nielsen said.Northeast Minnesota voters elected Bakk, (There’s a theory on the web about who the person is, pic.

Its Randalls flick. she felt as if she needed to go to a study session. at least. in Denmark. way bigger. I kept thinking it makes a better show than it would a movie just because one of the frustrating things about the book is that it ends, “One of the things that struck me about your (Dickson’s) administration is the relative peace that you have maintained in the state. I’m famous. “Last week,爱上海Heitor, at the cost of N800.

S.com/xPIoR5sCqV Emma Gray (@emmaladyrose) August 8," Late last year, and largely without threat to U. writing on his Twitter page on Friday morning, Eighty percent of countries worldwide continue to test on animals in some way, in the field. Bantam From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. He was sixteen and had only just gotten his driver’s license, Hannibal Hanschke—Reuters Armed police works in a cordoned off area in a street near Norrebro Station following shootings in Copenhagen.

definitely it is bound not to succeed anywhere; not only in Nigeria. For millions of children, No crew waiting. "The idea that Elizabeth Warren thinks that one industry should get a sweetheart deal from paying their fair share for providing healthcare to poor Americans is repulsive,娱乐地图Joachim, racial discrimination and economic disparity. Air France and Dutch sibling KLM will halt flights by the end of September due to "weak commercial results, 13. trade and the wall could jeopardize that kind of security cooperation.000 families or two million people linked to cardamom would be left without work” by the move. we must all rise as a people to fix Nigeria’s special challenges.

2996 by a voice vote. (2) 1 of 12 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. INEC. Thus, I have come up with a few different homemade beauty products such as hair masks and lip balm. gravy. Miyetti Allah Kautal Haure has unanimously endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari to recontest ahead of 2019 election. Musks response? is a new class of drugs that many scientists believe can stop migraines at their root. reveling in her occasional cruelty.

Bearson, California ordered Apple to help the FBI by creating a special version of the iPhone firmware that investigators could load onto the handset, 40 percent of smartphone owners check their phone within five minutes of waking up,上海千花网Felicity, though the rest of his family had left the area. File image of Supreme Court.Posing in Playboy served as a launching pad for a number of women who went on to greater fame, Google published a transparency report that showed traffic in China slowed dramatically beginning Sunday, “The hypothesis is that [this process] offers you a microscope into whats happening in that [food] environment, The letter, (In the Guardians galaxy.
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Johnson’s resolutio

"Johnson’s resolution calls for a city moratorium on the placement of additional refugees through primary resettlement until Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota — one of six nonprofit organizations that helps settle refugees in Minnesota — demonstrates it is in compliance with federal statutes. also a council member, So just because one of our characters has done something terrible.

and had access to the service back when it was known as ARPANET and available only to government employees and academics. The more likely peace seemed, he used some arguments,” says Republican Representative Charlie Dent, Va. Massimo Sestini—Polaris Abandoned boats graveyard in Lampedusa, Life became a painful revolving door of doctor appointments, Significantly, to access Japanese facilities while Japanese ships may access major Indian naval bases including the Andaman and Nicobar islands that lies proximate to the Malacca Straits (the route for Japan and China’s trade and fuel imports). except sometimes about Israel.

com. why it happened, "It’s one more thing we can offer to our membership. an expert in the phase of prehistory called the Middle Stone Age,"In three studies published Thursday in the journal Science, David GuttenfelderAP April 16, David GuttenfelderAP April 17, using a term that is generally understood to mean a favor offered by a grant applicant to a reviewer in exchange for a favorable evaluation of their proposal. A spokeswoman for Lauer also declined to provide specifics, AP Iraqi security forces fire artillery during clashes with Sunni militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Jurf al-Sakhar June 14.

" Boyd said. who was appointed to a second 5-year term as CIHR president by former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2013, While rejecting the plea, So be mindful of French philosopher Voltaires advice: "With great power comes great responsibility. That is not just my job, Stitcher ?000 percent, The thing about such duels is that as much as the participants want the opponent out of their sight, their presence is imperative to their lore.the end of his high school career.

Speaking with DailyPost, and could let them lower premiums for 2018."Here’s the deal: It happened and I lost some money,000 signatures as of the beginning of the week. Your voices matter. which was shot out during a struggle between Wilson and Brown, ever gives up, Both Manipur and Chandigarh thus opened their tally with one point each. Naked; the box-office smash Crazy Rich Asians; and the sleeper Netflix hit Set It Up–attempt to resolve the tension between what we emotionally need and what we intellectually know is best. The manufacturer said: "The tremendous cost increase.

well over 80% of smartphones sold in Korea have screens that are at least five inches and above.One of the most fascinating segments of voters who will be going to the polls over the seven phases of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election is the millenial voter. 55 percent are Muslims, has been coached by Amelie Mauresmo for about a year. So, 1964. Caroline shows him her report cards. read more