Utility Execs Press for Transition to Gas and Renewables

first_imgUtility Execs Press for Transition to Gas and Renewables FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享SNL:Power generators are reiterating plans to move away from coal­fired generation as coal producers continue to participate in a tight supply market.CMS Energy Corp. President and CEO Patricia Poppe noted the utility has reduced its carbon intensity by 30% since 2005, surpassing targets of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, at an event Sept. 25.According to SNL Energy fuel contract data, recent suppliers of CMS Energy coal plants include Peabody Energy Corp., Cloud Peak Energy Inc. and Arch Coal Inc.During a Sept. 26 presentation NextEra Energy Inc. CFO John Ketchum said that even when renewable tax incentives like the production tax credit and investment tax credit expire, the economics of renewables continue to suggest a healthy competition against other fuel sources. He noted that the production tax credit ratchets down to 40% by the end of 2023.“That gives us a lot of time for wind economics to continue to improve by the time we get to the middle of the next decade,” he said. And then with solar, the [investment tax credit] doesn’t go down to 10% until 2022. … So a lot of room there to continue to achieve economic efficiency and further cost declines in the sector, which match up very well against the other forms of generation.”More: Major suppliers of NextEra coal plants include Cloud Peak and Contura Energy Inc.last_img read more

Rules panel asks court to remove DNA deadlines

first_imgRules panel asks court to remove DNA deadlines Rules panel asks court to remove DNA deadlines Gary Blankenship Senior Editor The Florida Supreme Court is being asked to remove the deadline for convicted inmates to request DNA testing in an effort to prove their innocence.Meeting 22 days before that deadline was set to expire, the Criminal Procedure Rules Committee, on September 9 at The Florida Bar’s General Meeting, voted to file an emergency petition with the court. That petition, asking the justices to remove the testing time limit, was scheduled to go to the Bar’s Executive Committee for its review after this Bar News went to press, and then be filed with the court.More than 1,000 inmates are still being screened to see if their case fits within the DNA testing guidelines.The vote, which was 23-0 with one abstention, came after the committee heard Bar President Alan Bookman and President-elect Hank Coxe explain that the Bar supported that or any other measure that would free an innocent person from prison.“This was a rule passed by this committee, and at the time (in 2003) this committee voted to put a two-year sunset provision in the rule,” said committee Chair George Tragos. “The provision automatically terminates on October 1 of this year. Many things have happened in the interim, including the governor ordering the biological evidence be preserved.”Those events, he added, also include some dramatic cases where DNA evidence has freed inmates, including two cases where the defendants, who had been convicted of rape, were exonerated after more than two decades each in prison.Coxe said he and Bookman met with both legislative leaders and with the governor’s general counsel, Raquel Rodriguez, and found support for the availability of DNA testing.“Raquel Rodriguez’s words were, ‘Neither I nor the governor can tolerate that an innocent person is in prison,’” Coxe said. “The Bar Board of Governors is of the position, just like Rocky Rodriquez, that innocent people in our prisons is intolerable.”He noted that the Board of Governors generally has become more involved in criminal justice issues in recent years, instead of concentrating mostly on civil matters.When the rules committee acted two years ago, it became part of a debate between the court system and the legislature over the court’s rule-making authority and whether it had exceeded procedural matters and was encroaching on substantive matters. Committee members then said the deadline was a procedural issue.“We are sensitive to the conflict and tension versus rule and statute as a solution,” Coxe said. “We are aware of this committee’s history and the position you took two years ago.“The Florida Bar would support whatever it took to keep innocent people from sitting in prison, whatever the means. We support the committee in that effort and we support the legislature on that issue.. . . Everyone has the sense there is no question what the right result is; it’s how you get there.”He read the recent legislative position approved by the Board of Governors. It says that the Bar supports making a permanent part of the criminal justice system a way for those in prison to seek DNA testing to prove their innocence.While legislators in both the House and Senate are preparing bills, those are not likely to be heard until next spring during the 2006 Regular Session.Tragos prepared the amendment, which simply repeated the language already in the Rule 3.853(d) but omitted any references to the October 1, 2005, deadline. More than 1,000 inmates seeking the testing still wait to have their requests screened to see if they qualify and if evidence in their cases is still available.Even committee members who opposed the DNA rule two years ago supported the action. Miami-Dade County Assistant State Attorney Abe Laeser said his previous objection was based on the rule would require local governments to expend money to preserve evidence and hence exceeded its authority. But now since Gov. Jeb Bush has ordered the evidence preserved, that issue is moot, he said.“The economic condition has basically disappeared,” he said. Joking about his reputation as prosecutor, Laeser added, “Even I don’t like the idea of really, really innocent people sitting in the hoosegow.”Committee member Scott Fingerhut said if the committee failed to act that he and another attorney, who are representing about 200 of the inmates seeking testing, would have filed a petition with the court to extend or eliminate the deadline.“It’s not like nothing will happen, but coming from us, it will have a far greater impact,” he said.Tragos said the change will be submitted as an out-of-cycle rule amendment to the court, with a request to expedite its review.Jenny Greenberg, director of the Florida Innocence Initiative, watched the rule debate and praised the action.“It means that, pending Florida Supreme Court action, that the rights of innocent inmates to seek DNA evidence to prove their innocence will still be alive in Florida,” she said.The rule amendment will be reviewed by the Bar’s Executive Committee, acting on behalf of the Board of Governors, before it goes to the court. October 1, 2005 Senior Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

Wolf Administration Taking Lead on Health Enrollment after Trump Administration Cutbacks

first_img November 30, 2017 Healthcare,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Members of the Wolf Administration, including Pennsylvania Insurance Department Acting Commissioner Jessica Altman, Department of Human Services Acting Secretary Teresa Miller, and Department of Aging Secretary Teresa Osborne will be joined by the Pennsylvania Health Access Network to offer enrollment assistance for individuals eligible for Medicare, plans through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medical Assistance, and CHIP at the KING Community Center in Harrisburg from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, December 2, 2017.“Selecting a health care plan can be confusing and enrollment is vital to ensuring you are receiving the best plan with the coverage options you need for the following year,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “We want to make navigating that process easier by having subject matter experts on hand to walk you through enrollment.”The open enrollment period for 2018 coverage for Medicare beneficiaries interested in making changes to their Medicare Advantage or prescription drug coverage closes on December 7, and open enrollment for 2018 coverage for ACA enrollees closes on December 15. Enrollment for Medical Assistance and CHIP is always open.“This year, the federal government shortened the ACA enrollment period, so my administration is doing all we can to make sure Pennsylvanians are informed and educated,” said Wolf. “Time is running out – let us help you get the coverage you need.”For individuals unable to attend the event at the KING Community Center on December 2, 2017, please refer to the following information:For additional help signing up for health insurance, visit the Insurance Department’s Open Enrollment Assistant page here: www.insurance.pa.gov/Coverage/Pages/Open-Enrollment-Assistance.aspxFor additional help enrolling in Medicare, find your local Area Agency on Aging here: www.aging.pa.gov/insurance.Pennsylvanians eligible for Medical Assistance or CHIP can apply for benefits in person, by paper application, or online at www.compass.state.pa.us.The KING Community Center is located at 1243 South 18th St., Harrisburg, PA 17104. Wolf Administration Taking Lead on Health Enrollment after Trump Administration Cutbackscenter_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Dutch schemes failing on mortgage investment policies

first_imgDutch pension funds lack clear policies for their investments in residential mortgages, according to regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).A survey of mortgage portfolios and risk management by the regulator suggested schemes usually adopted the policies of their providers. Instead, schemes should develop their own policies, including targets and limitations, DNB said.Currently there is no link between a scheme’s asset-liability management study and its investment beliefs, the regulator said. It added that pension funds often did not provide clarity about their risk attitude towards illiquid investments either. Residential mortgages as an asset class has gained in popularity during the past few years, as mortgages are considered a better-performing alternative to low-yielding government bonds.Dutch pension funds have invested 2.4% of their portfolio in residential mortgages on average, with some schemes having exposures of as much as 20% of their portfolios, according to DNB.The regulator said that it wanted pension funds to develop their own policy,In its opinion, schemes’ policies should also include the proportion of state-guaranteed mortgages (NHG) in their portfolio, the desired duration of the allocation and the types of mortgages owned.The watchdog also emphasised that pension funds must establish the risk and return criteria for mortgage investments and subsequently opt for a matching product, rather than the other way round.DNB added that pension funds must explain how their mortgage holdings fit with their policy on hedging liabilities.It found that many schemes had fully factored in mortgages into their interest rate hedging policy. Others had merely modestly underpinned this decision, in particular in case of a high debt-market value ratio of the portfolio.The supervisor also said pension funds should explain how they had valued their mortgage holdings, and how they assessed the risk of mortgages paid off early.It warned that just using mortgage providers’ quote could improperly affect the valuation of the holdings.During its survey, the regulator also assessed the outsourcing of asset management and visited a number of undisclosed providers of mortgage investments.last_img read more

Interview: Mats Langensjö weighs options for Sweden’s giant AP7

first_img“The big balancing act is between the implied or expected cautiousness of pillar one and how you maximise pensions”Mats Langensjö“Having this kind of structure in the first pillar system is rare, as there are not many such systems that rely on market returns – in fact, I haven’t come across any others where this is the case,” he said.“So the question is, how do you then position that? It is a given that the structure is there, but what is the appropriate level of risk and appropriate objective, particularly for the savers?”Other issues that needed to be resolved in the report included defining the target group for the default fund.“In one sense you are targeting the whole population of Sweden, but maybe you need to prioritise certain groups such as people who are younger, older, or have different earnings levels,” he said.New investment guidelines?Langensjö said he would also consider whether AP7’s investment universe should be updated, as a consequence of the objectives and risk profile.AP7 currently invests more than 80% of its portfolio in equities, but its leadership has called on the Swedish government to broaden investment rules to allow real estate and infrastructure allocations.In his report, Langensjö said he would also address AP7’s use of leverage.He cited Nobel Prize-winning economist Richard Thaler, who last year stated that AP7 should not apply leverage to its investments, but Langensjö said there were good arguments for and against the use of gearing.Langensjö refused to be drawn on the specifics of how the investment universe might be altered.“It is too early in the process to say, but the big balancing act is between the implied or expected cautiousness of pillar one – the social security approach – and how you maximise pensions, which in simplistic terms is to maximise risk,” he said. “In the end that will define the investment universe and the type of portfolio.”Further readingSweden cuts one third of investment options in system overhaul Pensions regulator outlines plans to cull a third of the investment funds from the PPM, transferring roughly SEK9bn (€879m) to AP7Swedish Premium Pension: Safe and sound Reform of the Premium Pension System aims to root out poor management practices and make the system sustainable, writes Gail Moss “It was set up at a time when there were no other investment options in the first pillar system, then later it became the default option and now it is a fund in excess of €50bn because more than two thirds of savers have chosen to stay in it.”AP7 was the most rapidly growing investment fund in the world, he said, which meant the framework had now to be changed. According to data from IPE’s Top 1000 Pension Funds survey, it has grown from €8bn in 2009 to almost €62bn as of last year, as a result of investment returns and policy reforms.AP7’s growthChart MakerLangensjö’s report is likely to be submitted by the summer and will probably be put out for consultation later this year as part of the second stage of the PPM reform that is currently under way.Just over 13% of Swedish individuals’ state pension contributions – equating to 2.5% of salary – are directed into the PPM, which allows people to put their money into a wide range of private investment funds or into the default option, the balanced Såfa fund run by AP7.In compiling his report, Langensjö said he would look at what the future role and objective for AP7 should be as the default fund. The Swedish Finance Ministry has tasked pensions expert Mats Langensjö with devising a new framework for the country’s largest public sector pension fund.AP7 is the manager of the default option within the defined contribution (DC) segment of the state pension, known as the Premium Pension System (PPM).Langensjö – who has played significant roles in several pension reform processes in Sweden – is considering all options for the fund, including expanding its investment universe as well as changing its use of leverage.He told IPE: “AP7 has been around since 2000, but nothing has really changed since then in terms of the framework.last_img read more

Football braced for financial impact from coronavirus outbreak

first_imgDomestic club football across much of Europe has been halted completely due to the coronavirus pandemic, with Germany following France, England and Scotland in suspending their competitions on Friday, while UEFA has postponed Champions League and Europa League games due to be played next week. Football has been suspended in many European leagues due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the economic impact could be considerable for clubs Numerous countries had been initially planning to carry on playing matches behind closed doors, following the example of several Champions League and Europa League games this midweek, but that was not to everyone’s liking. “My opinion is that all competitions should be suspended. In China they have been more responsible than they have been in Europe,” said Andre Villas-Boas, the coach of French club Marseille who previously worked in China, where more than 3,000 people have been killed by the virus. However, there is also an economic reality, with clubs dependent on income from ticketing and matchday hospitality, as well as from TV deals for broadcasting matches. “At the end of the day, it’s about financing professional football,” Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge warned when asked if it might be better to stop playing football in Germany for the rest of the season. “If payments due from broadcasters don’t come in, a lot of small and mid-size clubs will have liquidity problems.” – ‘Serious implications’ – According to a study by Spanish radio station Cope, La Liga clubs would lose a combined total of over 600 million euros ($665m; 536 million pounds) in income from television and ticketing if no more matches were played this season. The impact on certain clubs could therefore be extremely serious, and the knock-on effects considerable in a country where almost 200,000 people have employment related to football, and where the sport represents 1.4 percent of GDP, according to La Liga. In England, Premier League clubs who have profited from huge television deals should be able to handle a few weeks without matches, but the effects will immediately be felt elsewhere, with games in the Football League, the three divisions below the top flight, postponed as well as in the Women’s Super League. “For the rest of football, it’s quite different (to the Premier League) as they rely on gate receipts and commercial activities, with a very small part coming from the media,” Peter Coates, the chairman of second-tier side Stoke City, told the BBC. “This will have serious financial implications, with some clubs possibly running out of money.” Loading… TV companies who have paid big money for the rights to show football now have no live action to offer paying subscribers In a country like Scotland, where there are no big broadcast deals to offer a safety net, the situation could quickly become dire. Ominously, Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster has warned clubs “to examine their insurance arrangements in case of matches being affected.” While nobody could realistically have seen such a scenario coming, the next few weeks will at least be a test of how well run many clubs around Europe are. – TV companies forced to adjust – Postponing matches by a few weeks is preferable to carrying on playing games behind closed doors precisely because money from broadcasters will eventually come in along with revenue from ticketing, sponsors and hospitality. However, there are still major concerns. “The real immediate problem is cash flow because none of that will come in for at least a month. That is where we will see which clubs are well run and have a healthy economic model,” pointed out Jean-Pierre Caillot, the president of French Ligue 1 outfit Reims.center_img Promoted ContentIs This The Most Delicious Food In The World?Who’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?Laugh, Cry, Or Just Relax With The Best Series Streaming On HBOPortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D Graffiti10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs6 Most Unforgettable Bridges In The World10 Stunning Asian Actresses No Man Can ResistFascinating Ceilings From Different Countries8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its Growth5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s Hysterical Read Also: Five more Serie A players test positive for coronavirus In the meantime, TV companies who have paid vast sums for those broadcast deals now have no live games to offer their paying subscribers. Across Europe, they will have to adjust accordingly in the coming days and weeks. “They support the decision, we are in an exceptional situation and the broadcasters understand,” said Didier Quillot, the Director General of the French League, of their broadcast partners, Canal Plus and beIN Sports. They, along with clubs across the continent, must now sit tight and hope that action being taken by governments around Europe proves effective at slowing the outbreak and allows football to resume again soon, in front of crowds. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Boracay fire leaves P1-million damage

first_imgThe incident reached a “general alarm”– the highest fire alert tasking all fire stations in the area to respond tothe call.     Residents crowd the street after fire gutted their houses in Station 3, Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan on Oct. 24. No one was injured in the incident. Authorities have yet to identify theorigin of fire as of this writing. The remains of a house after fire hit Station 3 in Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan on Oct. 24. EDRAEL TABERNA/PN The blaze that broke out around 9 a.m.on Oct. 24 left at least 52 families homeless. MALAY, Aklan – Properties estimated tobe worth P1 million went up in smoke after fire gutted houses in Station 3,Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island.               center_img Superintendent Nazrudyn Cablayan,ground commander of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), said the fire quicklyspread in the neighborhood with houses mostly built from light materials. The BFP declared the blaze undercontrol around 10:33 a.m. No one was injured in the incident. The affected residents sought shelterat the gymnasium of the barangay. They were provided with the necessaryhelp from the local government.(RadyoTodo/PN)last_img read more

Police eye old grudge, drugs in killing of resort caretaker

first_imgConcepcion police station chief Major Jonah Galicha said they have yetto identify the suspects who shot dead the 27-year-old resident Ricjo JansenBatica – a caretaker and security guard of Iyang Beach Resorts. Galicha said the investigation was difficult due to the refusal ofBatica’s family to cooperate with the authorities. Batica was once detained in the Concepcion municipal police station forfrustrated homicide and physical injury charges. He was also a newly-identifieddrug suspect, Galicha added.       According to police investigators, Batica was inside the resort whentwo unidentified motorcycle-riding men peppered him with bullets around 11:30p.m. on Dec. 5. He was able to run but one of the suspects pursued him and shothim on the neck. Four empty shells of a .45-caliber pistol were recovered from the crimescene, police said. ILOILO City – The police are looking at personal grudge or illegal drugsas the motives behind the killing of a resort caretaker in Barangay Poblacion,Concepcion, Iloilo. “The victim’s family refused to give us information that would help inour investigation. They are uncooperative, but we continue to look for witnessesthat could give us facial features of the suspects,” added Galicha.    “We are focusing into two possible angles as to why the victim waskilled, it might be over an old grudge and in relation to illegal drugs. Damo ni siya kaso, may gin sumbag kag maygin buno amo na nakita namon nga record,” Galicha said. Batica has received death threats before the incident, according toreports./PNlast_img read more

Kay captures Thursday Race For Hope 74 IMCA Modified qualifier at Batesville

first_imgJustin Kay topped the Thursday IMCA Modified qualifying feature at Batesville Motor Speedway’s Race For Hope 74. (Photo by Jason Brickey)By Mike SpiekerBATESVILLE, Ark. (Sept. 28) – Justin Kay captured night two of the inaugural Race For Hope 74 IMCA Modified special at Batesville Motor Speedway Thursday evening. Kay led 21 of the 25 laps en route to the victory, which locked him into the front row for Saturday’s $20,000 to win main event.“I’ve never been here before. What an awesome race track,” said Kay in victory lane. “I knew what line I needed to run and I just had to hit my marks. Ricky (Thornton Jr.) has been so good lately and Kelly (Shryock) has been doing this a long time … this is just awesome. I’m so excited.”The race got underway with Kay, Dennie Gieber and Jason Wilkey on the front row for the three-wide start.The green flag was quickly replaced with the caution on the opening lap as Tyler Droste and Tyler Ste­vens got together exiting turn four. Droste was able to rejoin the field while Stevens was done for the night.On the complete restart, Wilkey raced his way to the lead down the back straightaway to pace the 30-car field at the completion of lap one. Kay had reeled in Wilkey and was battling him for the point on lap five, when the yellow flag was displayed once again to slow the field.As the race resumed, Kay continued his battle with Wilkey while Mark Norris and Thornton also entered the fray. Kay was able to sneak around the outside of Wilkey for the lead as Wilkey soon found himself in a three-wide fight for second. Both Norris and Thornton were able to get by Wilkey, with Thornton taking the runner-up spot on lap nine.Another quick restart allowed Thornton a shot at Kay for the lead, but Kay was able to fend off the charge.At the halfway point, Kay held a five car length lead over Thornton but that advantage began to shrink as the race approached the final stages. Thornton closed to within one car length with three laps to go but Kay used lapped traffic as a pick to hold off Thornton Jr.That’s all Kay needed to regain a five car length advantage and cruise to the feature win. Thornton, Shyrock, Cody Laney and Peyton Taylor rounded out the top five.Preliminary action for the Race For Hope 74 continues Friday night before culminating with the championship event on Saturday.Feature results – 1. Justin Kay; 2. Ricky Thornton Jr.; 3. Kelly Shryock; 4. Cody Laney; 5. Pey­ton Taylor; 6. Jesse Dennis; 7. Mark Norris; 8. John Hansen; 9. Mike Mullen; 10. Jason Wilkey; 11. Jason Ingalls; 12. Dennie Gieber; 13. Ryan Gilmore; 14. Casey Findley; 15. Gavin Landers; 16. Chuck Sanders; 17. Brian Mullen; 18. Jack Sullivan; 19. Randy Weaver; 20. Jesse Richter; 21. Ty­ler Droste; 22. J.T. Goodson; 23. Heath Grizzle; 24. Chad Andersen; 25. Chadd Avey; 26. Kevin Sustaire; 27. Kurt Kile; 28. Regan Tafoya; 29. Chris Abelson; 30. Tyler Stevens.last_img read more

Cricket News THIS Indian coach is likely to be retained by BCCI – Find Out WHO

first_imghighlights New Delhi: India’s current bowling coach Bharat Arun is likely to retain his position even if there are multiple candidates while R Sridhar will have his nose ahead despite South African star Jonty Rhodes throwing his hat in the ring for the fielding coach’s position. But batting coach Sanjay Bangar might find it difficult to retain his position when the national selectors pick the support staff for the Indian team. All three have got extension along with head coach Ravi Shastri till the end of the upcoming tour of the West Indies and after that, fresh interviews will be conducted with all the incumbents automatically in fray.As per norms, while the new Cricket Advisory Committee — likely to be chaired by Kapil Dev — will decide on the head coach, the selectors have been tasked to conduct interviews for the rest of the support staff. If those privy to the developments are to be believed, Arun could turn out to be a unanimous choice considering the performance of India’s pacers in all formats of the game.”In the last 18 to 20 months, the work put in by Arun has been phenomenal. The current Indian attack is considered to be the best in the longest format. Mohammed Shami back at his best and (Jasprit) Bumrah’s consistency are a few things Arun must get credit for. It’s up to the selectors but they might find it difficult to replace him,” a senior BCCI official told PTI on Friday.However, same can’t be said about Bangar, who many believe hasn’t been able to create a solid middle order despite four years in the job.”Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have been performing much before Bangar came into the fray. He has no role in their success. However, his job was to create a few solid options in the middle order and we have seen in the World Cup that he has failed miserably in that,” the official added.There have been reports that it was on Bangar’s insistence that Mahendra Singh Dhoni was asked to bat at No.7 in the lost semifinal against the New Zealand, a decision that has been roundly criticised.While Arun is the favourite among three specialist coaches, Sridhar is also not far behind as India has made rapid strides in the fielding department.But he will get a tough fight from Rhodes, who is set to get an opportunity to give a presentation to the selection committee.”Rhodes is a big name and his candidature can’t be ignored. However, this also needs to be taken into account that how the team’s fielding performance has been,” the official said. Meanwhile, It is known that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has invited fresh application for the support staff and head coach. Soham Desai, who has been working with National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore, is currently in West Indies assisting India A side. He is supposedly set to join the men’s team in Florida and the Indian team will prepare for first of three T20 Internationals. Basu and physio Patrick Farhart have left the side after the World Cup. Both are being flooded with offers from the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises. It is understood that Basu may return to Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), with whom he was associated with previously. It is also known that the duo was offered an extention by the BCCI, but both had denied the offer. (With Inputs: PTI) For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.center_img India will play West Indies from August 3. India’s support staff got extention for 45 days after World Cup exit. Jonty Rhodes has applied to be India’s fielding coach. last_img read more