Alamo Drafthouse MoviePass Introduce New Cinema Subscription Options

first_imgStay on target For £17.90 (less than $24) per month, I can see unlimited films (and get 10 percent off concessions) at any location of a popular UK cinema chain.Considering one adult ticket costs nearly £12, if I see even two movies a month, I’m already saving money. And that’s enough for me to justify premium membership. And while movie theater gimmicks are nothing new, Alamo Drafthouse’s Season Pass is.The entertainment group has been beta testing a ticket subscription service in New York, North Carolina, and now Colorado. The unlimited plan will launch across all theaters by the end of the year.“It’s working for us, and we love it,” company founder and CEO Tim League told Business Insider. “It’s one of our biggest priorities this year, to get that rolled out.”For $20 a month, Alamo Victory members can tap into the mobile app to reserve seats and access tickets to any standard 2D movie (premium flicks with premium prices could require an additional charge).“Head straight into the theater, find your spot, and show your ticket to your server. It’s that easy,” according to a recent blog post.Still in the beta phase, Season Pass is testing different features at different price points; it’s possible one user may subscribe to a slightly divergent plan than someone else.It is also possible that the features or price point you initially subscribe to may change over time. Users will be notified of any modifications and given the chance to cancel.(via MoviePass)Want to get more bang for your buck? MoviePass this week launched a new version of its “Uncapped” subscription service, now available for a limited-time price of $9.95 for 12 months or $14.95 per month.For reference, the standard price of MoviePass Uncapped will be $19.95 per month.“While we’ve had to modify our service a number of times in order to continue delivering a movie-going experience to our subscribers, with this new offering we are doing everything we can to bring people a version of the service that originally won their hearts,” Ted Farnsworth, chairman and CEO of MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics, said in a statement.MoviePass’ Select, All Access, and Red Carpet plans, introduced in December, are no longer available for purchase, but remain effective and working for users subscribed to them.More on Dream Come True: Alamo Drafthouse to Open Video Rental StoreNetflix Is Raising Its U.S. Subscription Plan PricesFilmstruck Is a Fantastic Subscription to Film SchoolMoviePass and More: Your Guide to Movie Theater Subscriptions Report: Netflix to Buy L.A.’s Egyptian TheatreWatch First-Run Films From the Comfort of Your Home—For $3K last_img

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