ATT comes down on jailbreak iPhone tetherers

first_imgAT&T held out on offering iPhone users the option to tether their phones for years, and were only finally pushed to allowing the feature when Verizon got a hotspot-capable iPhone of their very own. You might think it was iOS 4.3’s new Personal Hotspot feature that changed AT&T’s mind, but no: international iPhones have long been able to tether through USB, and AT&T offers tethering ability on non-iPhone handsets. It was always a dick move.Frustrated by their inability to tether their laptops to their iPhone data connection, many users decided to jailbreak their iPhones and accomplish the same feat through the Cydia MyWi app. Now that iOS 4.3 comes with Personal Hotspotting, though, AT&T’s cracking down on heavy MyFi users and sending them text messages and emails, saying if they don’t knock off their jailbreak tethering, they’ll automatically be upgraded to AT&T’s expensive DataPro 4GB for Smartphone Tethering plan.It’s another obnoxious move on the part of AT&T to try to charge iPhone users more for different types of data. Unless you were grandfathered into an unlimited AT&T 3G plan, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re tethering your iPhone via a jailbreak solution or not: you’re charged for every extra gig of the data you use. By forcing users to sign up for the more expensive plan, though, AT&T ekes out ever so slightly more money per gig. Obnoxious. The good news, though, is it seems that AT&T can only detect whether or not you are a MyWi user if you’re using a massive amount of data: if you only occasionally tether for longer emails and light bloggingand the like, you shouldn’t have a problem. It’s the mobile World of Warcraft players and on-the-go Bittorrenters who seem to be being caught up in the sweep.Read more at ZDNet and Cult of Maclast_img

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