Malaysia Australia Has No Right to Recognize Jerusalem as Israeli Capital

Rabat – On Saturday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced his country’s decision to relocate the Australian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.Several countries, including Malaysia, condemned the decision.On Sunday, December 16, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad denounced Australia’s move, saying that it had no right to do so. The Malaysian official told Reuters, “Jerusalem should remain as it is now and not the capital of Israel.” “Jerusalem has always been under Palestine, so why are they taking the initiative to divide Jerusalem not belonging to them, but to divide the Arabs and the Jews? They have no rights,” Mohamad said.Read Also: Australia to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital SaturdayThe Australian move followed Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, moving the American embassy there. Guatemala and Paraguay also announced they would move their embassies to Jerusalem.However, the new president of Paraguay reversed the decision and decided to stay in Tel Aviv three months after the initial announcement to follow Trump’s move.  Paraguay’s decision caused uproar among Israelis.Trump’s move stirred tension in the Arab world, as international leaders, including King Mohammed VI, condemned the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.The King warned in December that “the city of Al-Quds [Jerusalem] must remain a land of cohabitation and a symbol of coexistence and tolerance for all.”The monarch added that “the city is not only important for the parties of the conflict, but also for believers in the three Abrahamic religions, due to its unique religious characteristics, its ancient identity, and its great political symbolism.”

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