Joseph Howes Legacy is Brought to Life

first_imgJoseph Howe, a powerful democrat, dedicated journalist, andstrong voice for Nova Scotia, is being remembered with a newexhibit that shares his greatest accomplishments with all NovaScotians and visitors from around the world. The exhibit, entitled For the Public Good, was unveiled today,March 1, at Province House. Today also marks the eve of the 170th anniversary of Mr. Howe’strial, which led to freedom of the press. “For the Public Good is a celebration of Joseph Howe’s majorachievements and I believe it’s important for the youngergeneration especially to be attentive to this vital part of NovaScotian history,” said Speaker of the House of Assembly MurrayScott. “We are pleased to keep Joseph Howe’s memory alive forNova Scotia and the world.” Preparations for the bilingual exhibit began following thecelebration of Mr. Howe’s 200th birthday in 2004. Discussionstook place with the Joseph Howe Initiative — a society formed tomark the anniversary of Mr. Howe’s birth and honour his legacy –and the theme for the exhibit was developed. Images, memorable quotes, and a sculpture of Joseph Howe are featured in the exhibit, which pays tribute to his mostsignificant accomplishments — the trial resulting in freedom ofthe press, his involvement in shaping responsible government andhis part in Confederation. A unique timeline of his life is also on display, accompanied bya global timeline that shows his impact on Nova Scotia inperspective with world events. Mr. Scott said the exhibit serves as a lasting legacy to JosephHowe and will reside at Province House on a permanent basis forall to enjoy. Following a tour of the exhibit, visitors are welcome to visitthe rest of Province House to see the areas where many of Mr.Howe’s greatest accomplishments took place. Sheila Stevenson and Stephen Archibald are the volunteerinterpreters for the exhibit. Graphic designer Grant Murray isresponsible for its design.last_img

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