This week we cover 1 True Parents 2018 Rally o

first_imgThis week we cover: 1. True Parents2018 Rally of Hope for Hyojeong and True Families in Chung Cheong ProvinceVictory Celebration for the 2018 Rally of Hope for Hyojeong and True Families in Chung Cheong Province 2. World NewsHeavenly Tribal Messiah Activities (Hyojin Nim & Heungjin Nim Families Complete 430 Couple HTM Blessing/ Heavenly Korea: HTM Blessing Victory Ceremony/ Heavenly Japan: Seosa Calligraphy Rally for HTM Activities/ Heavenly Japan, Subregion 1: Seosa Lecture Meeting to Commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the Kanagawa 10,000-Person Rally/ Heavenly Japan, Subregion 1: 80th ‘Sharing Our Hearts’ Seosa Rally in Gunma Prefecture/ Heavenly Japan, Subregion 3 – ‘Sharing Our Hearts’ Seosha Rally/ Heavenly Japan, Subregion 5 – 27th ‘Sharing Our Hearts’ Seosa Rally / Liberia – HTM Blessing Ceremony/ Taiwan: Special HTM Resolution Seminar)Peace Activities (Nepal: Mayors’ Leadership Conference/ Benin: Peace Caravan/ 2018 Peace Road Balkans, Thailand, Columbia, Uruguay, Mauritius, Ghana, Seychelles, USA Subregion 2)Youth Activities (Heavenly Japan: 10th U-10 Junior Peace Cup Tournament / Cote d’Ivoire YSP: Marriage Blessing Preparation Education)Major Events (Korea: 48th Anniversary of the 777 Couple Blessing & 47th General Assembly/ Korea: 36th Anniversary of the 6,000 Couple Blessing & Assembly Meeting/ Heavenly Japan: 2018 Meeting of Bicultural Korean-Japanese Families/ Heavenly USA: “We are True Parents’ Filial Children” October Meeting/ Costa Rica, Inauguration of Subregion 4 of Latin America/ Bolivia: Inauguration of Subregion 3 of Latin America) Prepared by PeaceTVPlease click on your preferred language to watch this week’s report:English     Spanish     French      Korean     Japanese     Chineselast_img

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