New Pokémon X and Y event Pokémon leaked trio of legendaries incoming

first_imgWhether you’ve already bred the ultimate Pokémon fighting machine, or are 50-plus hours into the game in a methodical effort to catch ’em all, you may have noticed the lack of a legendary themed trio. The game’s three legendaries — the box art’s Xerneas and Yveltal, and the secret Zygarde — are the game’s “normal” legendaries, but the themed trio the series usually has is nowhere to be found. If a leak on NeoGAF ends up true, then X and Y’s legendary trio will hit the new games in the form of an upcoming event giveaway.The leaked images depict Dancie, a Rock and Fairy type, Hoopa, a Psychic and Ghost type, and Volcanion, a Fire and Water type.Currently, no one has discovered the usual legendary trio somewhere in the game — and considering the amount of time X and Y have been released, it’s a safe bet that the three Pokémon are not obtainable via vanilla in-game means.If the Pokémon in the leaked images are faked, then Game Freak should find whoever faked them and hire the artist right away, as they look spot on with the games’ design.At the moment, all we have are the leaked images, so if the Pokémon aren’t faked, we don’t yet know when they’ll release, or the exact method to obtain them. However, getting Torchic was as easy as selecting a few menu options, so hopefully these three will be just as easy and won’t require us to put on pants and go to a local GameStop.last_img

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