NCAA’s Dan Gavitt says selection committee would face huge challenge if college hoops played only league games

first_imgOn the day the NCAA men’s basketball committee concluded its summer meetings — conducted virtually, of course — the Big Ten Conference announced its fall sports seasons would consist of conference games only. It is anticipated that most or all of the “autonomy conferences,” better known as the Power 5, will follow that course.If that same circumstance were to develop in college basketball because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the selection committee would face a far more daunting predicament than deciding between two terrific teams for that final No. 1 seed. It’s only four months away from the scheduled start of the season, though, and fall sports have been affected in dramatic ways.If college basketball were to be placed in a circumstance where there were few or no non-league games to help establish how much comparative value there is in winning a conference game, Gavitt said he believes the selection committee is well-positioned to select, seed and bracket the field. Nine of the 10 members, including chairman Mitch Barnhart of Kentucky, are veterans of the process.“If they’re faced with having to rely more on observation and less on analytics, they’ll be prepared to do so,” Gavitt said. “But it would be a challenge. There’s no question.” BENDER: Big Ten made right call with conference-only seasonNCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt told Sporting News that scenario would present “pretty significant” challenges for the committee, including the possibility of “compromising the integrity” of the NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET), the primary metric used to sort the teams and gauge accomplishment.“You could imagine a scenario where some conferences play only conference games and others play conference and non-conference games,” Gavitt told SN. “We talked to Google, who helped us develop the NET, and have gotten their counsel on what effect that would have on the NET ranking system. And what they’ve told us back is if there are no non-conference games or dramatically fewer non-conference games, it would impact the effectiveness of the NET.“That kind of cross-pollination is vital to the accuracy of the NET.”Gavitt remains optimistic that if people are playing serious basketball in this country in 2020-21, then colleges will be among them. The return to action of various other sports leagues, most notably the NBA, Major League Baseball and, hopefully, college football will permit those in charge of college hoops to observe what works for them, what does not, and how to assure that the 2020 NCAA Tournament is the last the organization will need to cancel.Gavitt acknowledges the progression (or, hopefully, eventually, regression) of the virus is a variable the NCAA and colleges do not control.“We’ll continue to learn how to do things safely and responsibly,” Gavitt said. “We’ve got a ton of questions. We’ve got more questions than answers. But we’re starting to get answers. I think our staff and the committee are really doing a good job and focused on how we make this thing happen.“I think everyone is still hopeful and planning the season will start on time, on Nov. 10, and we’ll be able to have a relatively full regular season. If things develop differently, I think we’ll be able to adjust, be flexible and be nimble and do what we have to, to try to create a different alternative.”LIST OF ATHLETES OPTING OUT IN 2020MLB | NBAGavitt said he believes there is a strong connection between launching basketball season on schedule and football being able to safely contest its regular season.“The distinction in basketball, of course, is we have a lot of leagues that don’t play football,” Gavitt said. “And so they may be ready to start the regular season on Nov. 10, whereas other leagues might not, or might not want to. It’s an unusual circumstance, for sure. That’s not what’s happening right now. Right now, the overwhelming feeling is we’ll start the season on time.”Asked whether the NCAA would be willing or able to push the NCAA Tournament out of its typical March Madness window into April or May if the circumstances with the virus made that appear prudent, Gavitt said that’s not a consideration at the moment.“But we’re going to continue to evaluate and assess what’s going on in our country and would be prepared with any potential scenario, if necessary,” Gavitt said. “But we’re not there yet. Our contingency planning right now is around social distancing and limited capacity and all the things every sports property is having to plan for.“We’re eight months away, still, from Selection Sunday. So it really is premature to think about dramatic alternations.”last_img read more

Dempsey may sign for Liverpool by Wednesday – report

first_imgLiverpool are to bid £7.5m for Clint Dempsey and want to complete his signing from Fulham before leaving for a pre-season trip to the United States next week, according to the Daily Mirror.It is suggested that the deal could be done as early as Wednesday and that Fulham are open to the idea of a player exchange.The Sun say Chelsea and Arsenal are interested in midfielder Steven Nzonzi, who has apparently failed to turn up for Blackburn’s pre-season training camp in Austria.It is claimed that Rovers could be willing to sell the 23-year-old for the right price.Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph report that the Blues appear to have beaten rivals Tottenham to the signing of Oscar from Internacional, while the Daily Mail say Chelsea have clinched a deal for the highly-rated Brazilian midfielder.The Mail suggest Oscar’s arrival will put Juan Mata’s first-team place under threat.This page is regularly updated. Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Giants’ waiver wire frenzy continues, team claims sixth player in six-week span

first_imgLOS ANGELES — The San Francisco Giants didn’t add a single player on waivers during the 2018 season.This week, they’ve brought three new players onto the 40-man roster through waiver claims as the front office continues to search for hidden gems.The Giants announced Saturday they’ve claimed left-handed reliever Wandy Peralta on waivers from the Cincinnati Reds. Peralta, 28, posted a 6.09 ERA in 32 games for the Reds this season, but the Giants will try to help him regain form when he reports …last_img

Talking Plants and Secret Networks

first_img(Visited 17 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 There was a time when talking plants was mythology.  Now, it’s science.Hidden Messages in Plain SightPlants don’t speak English, obviously.  Somehow, though, they communicate through channels scientists are only beginning to understand.  No less than Science Magazine, the most respected journal in America, said this: “Shhh, the Plants are Talking.”  In the “Science Shot” article, reporter Andrew Porterfield described controlled experiments in Australia that showed chilis grow better when basil is nearby.  Somehow, the basil coaxes the chili plants through a hidden mechanism:Because light, touch, and chemical “smell” were ruled out, the team proposes that the finding points to a new type of communication between plants, possibly involving nanoscale sound waves, traveling through the dirt to bring encouraging “words” to the growing seeds. Understanding this novel communication could help growers boost crop yields and increase global food supplies. How neighborly.Live Science put it this way: “Even in the plant world, babies fail to thrive without a friendly community chattering nearby, according to a new study.”  We weren’t kidding about talking plants.  Reporter Becky Olson headlined her article, “Plants Talk: Seedlings Thrive with Encouraging ‘Words’.”The Underground Fungal RailroadMore evidence is arising that plants communicate throughout ecological communities through a network of fungal threads in the soil.  The fungi reward the plants for sharing nutrients by passing messages along, in a symbiotic relationship.  The BBC News featured more discoveries about the underground network, as did PhysOrg.  The BBC article claims that work in the UK is the first to show plant communication via the fungal railroad.The research appears to show that a bean plant under attack by aphids can send out a warning through the underground communication channels.  Plants getting the message set up defenses, but plants without the fungal network do not.  One of the researchers was delighted at this “abject surprise that it was just so powerful – just such a fantastic signalling system.”The BBC called this an “evolutionary role” for the fungus without explaining how a blind, purposeless process could discover any role in complex communications systems.Some day soon we may decipher the language of plants.  Here are some predictions.  Favorite joke: that some humans think the underground railroad evolved.  Favorite saint: Basil.  Weather report: Chili today and hot tamale.  Favorite pastime: sending intelligently designed signals.  Favorite cowboy line: Where never is heard a discouraging word.  Favorite hymn: Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.last_img read more

The Indie Filmmaker’s Guide to Foley and Audio Mixing

first_imgOrganize Audio Clips and Sync Sound with FootageAfter shooting and recording foley, you’ll have plenty of audio to work with from dialogue, sound effects, and music. With all these different files, it’s important to make sure you organize all your clips and tracks so you can sync them.To keep things in order, you’ll need a solid folder structure. You can create your own or just download some free programs that will create folders structures for you. The Film Look has also provided their own Premiere Pro folder structure that you can download here.You will then see them import and rename all of their footage based on the name of the take. Then you can start syncing footage either by using a program like PluralEyes or syncing it yourself in Premiere Pro.For more on syncing audio and footage, check out these articles:Three Ways to Sync Audio to VideoQuickly Sync Audio and Footage in Premiere ProPluralEyes: The Best Workflow for Syncing Audio Did you enjoy this series? Want more like this? Let us know in the comments below. Editing and Mixing AudioOnce you’ve organized, synced, and edited your project, you are ready to start mixing. First, adjust the volume on your machine. This will give you a reference point for how your final video should sound, so you will have a rough idea of how low to mix SFX compared to dialogue.Here are a few level ranges to keep in mind while mixing:Dialogue between -6dB and -24 dBHard foley -5dB to -25dBSoft foley below room tone up to -7dB Ambience will depend on room tone — shouldn’t be overpoweringRoom tone is also important to avoid dead silence. Be sure to match to the levels of room tone silence recorded on set. If some parts of the dialogue are hard to hear, or too loud, you can use keyframes to raise or lower the volume of specific dialogue. While cutting dialogue and SFX, fade in and out of clips to avoid harsh peaks. Finally, layer a variety of SFX not only for practical onscreen noises but also to emphasize emotions. The Final SceneIf you are curious how all of this played out from recording audio to the final mix, you can see the final scene here.Now that you’ve seen everything from recording audio to mixing, you can enjoy this final behind-the-scenes look at the whole process. Check out this comprehensive guide for working with audio in post-production. Learn about foley art, syncing audio, mixing, and more.All images and video via The Film Look.In the original Indie Filmmaker’s Guide to Recording Audio, the guys at The Film Look covered topics like audio levels, microphone position, room tone, and capturing wild takes. You can read more and watch the first five episodes here.In the remaining episodes of this series, The Film Look will talk about working with audio in post — specifically, capturing foley and mixing sound. Let’s dive in.Capture the Perfect SFX in Post with FoleyFoley is the reproduction of sound effects in post-production. It mixes in time-specific sounds, like making sure a tap sounds just as a finger hits a table. Mixing in foley is part of a true cinematic experience.If you don’t have a quiet room to record foley, find a space where you can hang some sound blankets and cloth to dampen sound. Then, grab an assortment of props to use to create sounds. Remember, you don’t have to use the exact same dishes or props as you saw on set. You are looking to create the perfect sound; it doesn’t have to be an accurate one.You will need a way to play back a scene so you can time the sound effects, so be sure to have a monitor, laptop, or phone nearby. Then it’s just a matter of recording foley with the right timing.Remember, if you didn’t capture a wild take or can’t recreate a specific sound in foley, you can always browse SFX libraries for additional noises.For more on foley work, check out these videos and articles.Foley: The Art of Making Sound EffectsRecording Foley and Sound Effects: The FundamentalsBehind the Sound Design: Nerf John Wicklast_img read more

Alabama Football: Nick Saban’s Daughter Got Married At Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium Last Night and It Looked Awesome

first_imgNick Saban Wedding Bryant-Denny StadiumNick Saban Wedding Bryant-Denny StadiumNick Saban’s daughter, Kristen, got married last night. We’ll give you one guess at the venue. Yes, it was Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium. And it looked awesome.  Congrats to Mr and Mrs Setas #SabanToSetas #SetOnSetasA photo posted by Ann Marie Theis (@annmarietheis) on May 30, 2015 at 9:11pm PDT  The lovely bride! #setonsetas #sabantosetasA photo posted by Ann Marie Theis (@annmarietheis) on May 30, 2015 at 6:56pm PDT  #SabanToSetas #SetOnSetasA photo posted by Ann Marie Theis (@annmarietheis) on May 30, 2015 at 9:14pm PDT So Nick Saban’s daughter got married last night. Why am I not surprised at the venue!? 😉— Belle Es You (@SouthernbeLLSU) May 31, 2015 RT @MarisaLeeMartin: Only Kristen #Saban could pull this off at her wedding #SabanToSetas— Brent Dougherty (@brentdougherty) May 31, 2015 All weddings of people related to college football coaches should be held at college football stadiums.last_img read more

TMX to launch cryptocurrency brokerage through Shorcan subsidiary

first_imgTORONTO – The TMX Group Ltd. says it’s launching a cryptocurrency brokerage service through the launch of its Shorcan Digital Currency Network subsidiary.The Toronto Stock Exchange owner says it’s partnering on the brokerage with Toronto-based Paycase Financial Corp., which specializes in decentralized financial services including a mobile-based remittance platform.TMX says the brokerage is designed to leverage Shorcan Brokers Ltd. background in providing brokerage services with Paycase’s cryptocurrency data aggregation platform and will focus on the Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrencies.The partnership will also create cryptocurrency benchmarks based on consolidated data from the world’s leading crypto exchanges as well as over the counter brokered volume.TMX says the brokerage is a significant step in the execution of the company’s digital strategy as it looks to new ways to address client needs in both traditional and non-traditional markets.last_img read more

Progress made in modernizing NAFTA will make it easier to trade says

first_imgMONTREAL – Progress made in negotiations to modernize NAFTA aren’t getting much attention but they will make it easier for companies to conduct trilateral trade, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Wednesday.After speaking to a Montreal business audience, the minister told reporters that the nine modernization chapters concluded in the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement will cut red tape that has made it a hassle for cross-border trade.“It’s like a grind but our negotiators have been getting through it and when we do conclude a modernized NAFTA, people will really find that that’s a relief and it’s easier to trade, simple as that,” she said.Freeland said modernization of the 24-year-old trade agreement is often ignored by journalists who focus on struggles by the United States, Canada and Mexico to reach an overall deal.Good regulatory practices and sanitary measures may not be worthy of the front pages, she said, but bringing NAFTA up to date with the 21st century will help those who actually trade by, for example, implementing electronic forms at the border.“These areas are for actual people doing business — really the core of the modernization discussion,” she said.Consultations ahead of the start of negotiations nine months ago found that about 40 per cent of Canadians doing business with the U.S. didn’t bother to use their NAFTA preferences that allow products to be traded duty-free.Freeland said the high number showed that people making real-life decisions concluded that the hassle wasn’t worth their time.“A simple way to describe what we’re doing in this modernization work is to get rid of the hassle so that it’s actually worth it for people to claim their NAFTA preference.”Earlier, Freeland criticized the Trump administration’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum based on national security concerns.She also told a Montreal Council on Foreign Relations luncheon that it is essential to preserve an international rules-based system that has served the world well for decades even though many Americans no longer believe that has benefited the United States.One of the reasons to do so is because of the economic strength of China, which doesn’t share the West’s democratic values.“China in my life will be the world’s largest economy and I think everyone, and especially all the democratic countries, have a big interest in a international order based on rules.”last_img read more

Government invests in the Alaska Highway

first_img“Our government recognizes the importance of a safe, modern and reliable road infrastructure for the economic prosperity of the northern part of this region. The completion of these projects along the Alaska Highway highlights our commitment to providing safe infrastructure to Canadians.”The Honourable Carla QualtroughMinister of Public Services and Procurement and AccessibilityFor more information on this announcement CLICK HERE FORT NELSON, B.C. – Four contracts were awarded for maintenance and construction work along the Alaska Highway.Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility, made the announcement on November 15, 2018. These improvements will give the community access to a more reliable, safer and modern roadway with improved circulation.Areas that will be improved are a 33-kilometre portion of the highway, receiving bituminous surface treatment to asphalt, replacing a culvert in the Townsend Creek area, improving the Wonowon intersection by changing the road configuration and a new salt shed in Wonowon.last_img read more