Mosquito Management

first_imgBumps. Welts. Red splotches. Itchy spots.If this is your body after an outdoor outing, you need help. No matter what you do, you can’t completely eliminate the creeping, crawling, flying pests. However, the following tips will at least decrease the number of offenses you suffer and the amount of liquid refreshment you donate to the nasty little suckers.Get that woodsy smell as soon as possible. Bees and bugs are attracted to strong fragrances, so avoid using soaps, lotions, shampoos, and colognes. Forgo the deodorant before heading into the woods.Be aware of the colors you wear. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, especially blue. Pick beige or other neutral colors for hiking clothes.Learn to recognize places that are popular with bugs. Look before you sit down to make sure you’re not about to take a break on an anthill. Ticks gather on tall grasses and overhanging brush, yellow jackets nest in the ground, flies hover around animals, and mosquitoes like cool, moist places. (Ladies, you’ll be gratified to know studies show that mosquitoes prefer men. Bring along your boyfriend, husband, or other member of the opposite sex and watch the bugs go for him instead of you.)Be aware of the times of day bugs will be most active. Black flies are busiest in the morning, mosquitoes just after sunrise and before sunset, and deer flies during midday. (If you happen to be in a place where all of these are present at the same time—good luck!)Use clothing to cover your skin. Some authorities suggest wearing long sleeves and pants year-round. Of course, it can get mighty hot and humid wearing those clothes during a southern Appalachian summer, so if you hike in a T-shirt and shorts, bring along repellent. (I’ll be discussing various repellent options in a future posting.)Check yourself and your hiking partners for ticks and/or bites. In the case of deer ticks, which are the source of Lyme disease, the thing you are looking for could be as small as the period at the end of this sentence. Treat a bite with hydrogen peroxide and watch for a bulls-eye rash or flu-like symptoms. The presence of either should prompt a visit to your doctor.The long days of summer are made for outings in the woods. Just be prepared and don’t let the little buggers get to you.last_img read more

School of the Nations Director expresses dissatisfaction with probe into shooting

first_img7 months later…calls out Police, US Embassy for non-actionSeven months after School of the Nations Director, Dr Brian O’Toole, was shot thrice outside of his home, there is yet to be an arrest.School of the Nations Director, Dr Brian O’TooleIn a statement via the private institution’s Facebook page on Tuesday, the Director expressed dissatisfaction as it relates to the handling of the situation by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the United States (US) Embassy in Guyana.In his statement, Dr O’Toole reiterated the fact that no one was arrested for the shooting which left one of his hands paralysed, even though it was widely publicised by both local and international media outlets.“This is now more than seven months since I was shot outside of my home…Time has passed, no one has been arrested, and my hand is still paralysed. There has been so much publicity in several newspapers and radio and TV programmes in more than 10 countries. Surely, many, many persons are tired of ‘my story’. But it is not ‘my’ story, it has become ‘our’ story,” he stated.On this note, the Director further asserted that despite the fact that necessary information was communicated to the relevant authorities, with regards to previous events which may have led to the shooting, that information was not used.“The shooting happened after we expelled a young boy for allegedly selling drugs in schools. All this was shared with the police. The threats made against schools in the capital were also shared with the police and with the American Embassy in Georgetown as these came from a young man in Florida. Again no action. It was reported to us by the Guyana Police that the same Florida youth was interviewed by the FBI and his response that the whole matter was just a ‘joke’ was enough to end any further action.” Dr O’Toole said.Dr O’Toole pointed out that because of the unsatisfactory work done by the authorities, more criminal activities such as this one will be overlooked and this should be a concern for the nation.“It is, therefore ‘our’ story in that an attempted murderer is left on the loose, drugs continue to be peddled in many schools, and children are being intimidated not to come forward to give evidence…. so it is not ‘my’ story but a tragic situation that affects us all. And what has been the response to date, from the police who provide no feedback, the American Embassy who are content to judge vicious threats as a mere ‘joke’, and the media as they move on to another ‘story’,” the Director underscored.On January 27 of this year, Dr O’Toole was shot three times as he was returning to his Bel Air, Georgetown residence, hours after an emergency meeting with parents and guardians about violent threats on social media to injure students and teachers of that school.Earlier this year, Crime Chief Lyndon Alves had told this publication that Police had questioned four persons – both current and former students – in relation to the shooting of the school’s principal.However, subsequent to the incident, there were several threats against the school on Facebook made by “Kira” (meaning killer), which is the alias of the main character in “Death Note” – a Japanese manga series that was later adapted into films.last_img read more