Papua residents flee homes over fears of armed criminal group: Police

first_imgAhmad went on to say that the residents had voiced their unease over the presence of the KKB, which has reportedly terrorized the villagers.Read also: Military locate base of armed criminal group operating in Papua’s Intan Jaya“According to the villagers, they wanted to take refuge in Timika because of the unease in their villages caused by the presence of the KKB. The group has occupied their villages and harassed them, even demanding food at gunpoint,” Achmad said, as quoted by police have been verifying the identities of the villagers, who will be evacuated to downtown Timika by bus. The villagers will also be provided with food, Achmad said.Security authorities previously reported that armed groups had been shooting at Indonesian Military (TNI) and police guard posts. The residents’ access to basic needs, such as food and health care, has reportedly been impeded the KKB occupying roads.Authorities also claimed the residents were still traumatized from their previous encounter with the armed group in November 2017, when it blocked access into and out of several villages. (ars)Topics : As many as 790 people have fled their homes in mountainous areas around the Freeport mining site to take refuge at the Tembagapura Police headquarter in Timika, Papua, on Friday over fears of an armed criminal group (KKB), the police have claimed.Papua Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Ahmad Mustofa Kamal said in a statement issued on Saturday that the residents, comprising 100 children, 370 women and 320 men, came in groups from three villages, namely Longsoran, Batu Besar and Kimbeli.The spokesperson added that residents from Banti village might also take refuge at the police office.last_img read more

Fourth of July

first_imgWhere is Ernie Banks? When Ernie played for the Cubs, they would ask him if he liked playing a double-header on the 4th; and his answer always was “it is such a nice day, let’s play 3.” Today you not only will not see a double-header, but you may not see every team even playing during the daylight. For a game that likes to sell itself as the Grand Old Game, they have sure given in to the players’ association and have gone away from almost every old tradition there was. You can’t make a team play day games after night games unless there is a special circumstance, and double-headers are usually only emergency makeups for rain outs. They then are played as day/night affairs so the team can collect two gate receipts. A couple of teams had Memorial Day off this year because it was their normal Monday “off day” on the schedule. When a pitcher today throws at a batter, the benches erupt and the League hands out fines and everyone gets worried the game may be getting too violent. In days gone by, the opposing pitcher retaliated, the umpire nodded, and the problem was solved. Those were the old days. Did you notice that no ball is used today after it hits the dirt? Heaven forbid if a pitcher found a way to make a pitch break funny by using such a ball. Some pitchers use a dozen balls an inning because they are so wild. How about worrying about pitchers getting killed from balls hit by steroid goons? This I know didn’t happen in the “good old days”.last_img read more

Blizzard reveals roster rules for Overwatch League Season 2

first_imgThe inaugural season of the Overwatch League is quickly approaching its endgame, so naturally, sights are being set on the upcoming second season. With this in mind, Blizzard has released the rules behind how rosters will be constructed moving forward.On August 1st, the signing window will be opened for teams to negotiate extensions with players already signed to them, or for their respective Overwatch Contenders players to be signed. This is also the date on which player trades can be made from.Official agreements from the inaugural season end on September 9th, meaning any players that aren’t under a contract at this point will become free agents. The exclusive window for expansion teams to sign free agents start from this date also, ending October 7th.October 8th is the day in which the signing window for free agents opens for all teams, so if players are still yet to be selected by expansion teams then they become available for the teams that competed in the first season.By December 1st, each team must have at least eight players signed under contract. Despite this, teams are still able to sign or trade players throughout the upcoming season until a final deadline which has not yet been specified. Players who turn 18 years of age before this deadline are eligible to be signed and compete in the League, too.Starting with this next season, the terms of player’s agreements “will no longer be fixed at one year with an additional one-year option.” Instead, players can negotiate contracts with teams that last up to three years.Another interesting development is the option of having “two-way players”. This means it’s possible that a player can compete for both an Overwatch League team and an Overwatch Contenders team. There are more details surrounding the stipulations of such a move here.Esports Insider says: The rules and dates surrounding renewing contracts and trading players all seem relatively fair, but it’s the two-way player rule and the three-year contract implementation that grab our attention the most. It’s also nice to see that expansion teams have an exclusive window to sign players.Sign up to our newsletter!last_img read more