Colorado’s Magic Beans Rock Denver’s Bluebird Theater For Post-Thanksgiving Affair [Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images Magic Beans | The Bluebird Theater | Denver, CO | 11/24/2017 | Photos: Gary Sheer On Friday, Magic Beans rocked the Bluebird Theater in Denver with fellow musical brethren Cycles opening up the evening. The post-Thanksgiving Denver bash has become somewhat of a tradition, marking the second year Magic Beans have hosted a jubilant affair to dance off the delectable plates of food that were gobbled down the day prior. Coming off a high from their six-night Colorado Halloween run, Magic Beans shredded through their show, offering the debut of two new covers, in addition to two sets of their jam-heavy space funk.The Magic Beans Light Up Denver With New Debuts And Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Sit-In“Mr. Scientist” served as the bass-heavy set opener, with the crowd sailing on the groovy jam as bassist Chris Duffy led the pack into deep type-II territory. The heavy-hitter that was recently debuted this past August gradually loosened up, as the jam became more spacious, eventually reaching a soaring climax before dropping back into “Mr. Scientist” bouncing main theme.  By way of the slightest pause, the space captains dropped into the funky tune “Give Me Something Real”, highlighting Casey Russell’s wizardry as he hopped between different sets of keys and his beautiful mahogany organ.“Powder” offered a change of pace, as guitarist Scott Hachey and Duffy brought out their acoustic stringed instruments, leading the quartet through the folky number speaking to Colorado’s most cherished natural gift—powder. Although the powder has still not fallen this year in Denver, the Beans showcased the mastery of their diverse catalog. As the jam came to an aggressive end, the boys swapped back to full electric, and drummer Cody Wales led the charge into “Here On Out.”“Here On Out” exhibited the more straight-forward funk stylings that the band has to offer, before blissfully segueing into a debut cover of Scissor Sister’s poppy hit “Take Yo Mama”, during which the group invited Cycles guitarist Patty Harvey up on stage to join in the shenanigans. Russell hit the nail on the head with his punctual silky-smooth vocals, proving that sometimes taking the risk with a new cover is the absolute perfect ingredient for massive crowd response. Hachey and Harvey traded off smoking hot solos, as the two mastermind guitar players brought the first set to a triumphant finish.Magic Beans returned after set break with “Mission”. Wales and Duffy laid down the perfect backbeat, as the bubbly and climactic intro pushed towards its peak, finding Hachey and Russell feeding off of each other with harmonious licks thrown back and forth. “Mission” served as a brilliant second set opener, with the band fully focused and locked and loaded. Hachey’s guitar work was particularly on point during “Mission,” before the band dove head-first into a funky-fresh rendition of CeeLo Green’s 2010 catchy hit “Fuck You.”This latest addition to the Beans catalog was characterized by soaring vocals from Russell, as the remaining three members added in comical theatrics, involving the crowd with the radio hit we have all heard one too many times. Being playful with pop-culture’s notion of beating a song into the ground is sometimes the best you can do, and the 500 person capacity venue was just as playfully receptive, as the fully engaged crowd helped Magic Beans out with the chorus.“Lost and Found” brought the second set to a close, before Magic Beans returned for their encore, with the crowd still amped to keep the holiday weekend going, and the reality of going into work the following day nowhere on the horizon. For their final song of the night, the Beans played a lively and dynamic “Hanky Panky,” a song that has become a fan-favorite and staple in Magic Beans’ catalog in recent time. Closing the show with yet another crowd interactive tune was the money call, and the Colorado locals brought the celebratory Friday night show to a close.You can check out the setlist from Magic Beans two-set turkey extravaganza below, as well as a gorgeous gallery of photos courtesy of Gary Sheer. Plus, fans hoping to listen to last night’s show can pre-order the Magic Beans’ new album, Casino Cabaret, on PledgeMusic, where the full soundboard from the show will be posted as an exclusive along with the new album!Setlist: Magic Beans | The Bluebird Theater | Denver, CO | 11/24/2017Set 1: Mr. Scientist, Give Me Something Real, Powder*->Always Cool, Here On Out-> Take Yo Mama^Set 2: Mission-> As You Like It’-> Fuck You**, Lost & FoundEncore: Hanky Panky*played on acoustic guitar and upright bass^Scissor Sisters cover (First Time Played) w/ Patty Harvey on guitar (Cycles)‘ w/ Duff Zone and Jib Zone** CeeLo Green cover (First Time Played) w/ Mike Wood on tambourine (Cycles)last_img read more